Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ohhh those lashes, Tenny get a job, Pep and Pals

Maybelline's XXL Pro 24 HR Bold mascara promises intense bold lashes with volume that will last for 24 hours. I paid the $8.99 price tag and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that one side of the double tube was not a white primer, instead both sides actually contain real mascara! One side gives you volume while the second tube (labeled #2) features a fatter wand designed to seal it all in to give you 24 hour hold. I can't tell you if this baby really lasts for 24 hours because I have yet to keep it on that long, but I can tell you that it lasts from morning till night without flaking. I am not a person who looks for volume In mascaras I mainly look for length so you may want to take my review with a grain of salt. I think my lashes were volumized but you can judge for yourself from the pics below.

No Mascara
One coat from the side marked #1- volumizing sideOne coat of side 2- this is supposed to make your lashes look bold and last for 24 hours.I should mention that you have to be quick when applying stages 1 and 2 because this formula, like most mascaras, will dry quickly and you don't want to apply stage two on firm lashes.
I would get this mascara again simply because I like the length that I get on my lashes with this flake and clump free formula.
Have you tried XXl Pro?

Fantasia for Real
Fanny's show gave me headache- Teeny is just too lazy and ungrateful. After tearing up her pool house Fanny gave him a budget of $8,000 to get the recording studio built but of course staying withing Fanny's budgetary border was too much to ask of her brother. Teeny ended up spending $40,000 on the studio which showed a blatant disregard for Fanny's rules and wallet.
Their mom tried to smooth things over between the siblings when Fanny was upset over the $40,000 price tag. side question-Is the momma slow? She actually told Fantasia it was a misunderstanding huh??? Does Teeny not know the difference between $8,000 and $40,000? Well I bet if Fantasia's well ever runs dry they won't all be so quick to coddle a grown man.
I loved the music executive who was not at all moved by Fantasia's attitude and desire to put out a new album pronto. While he supports her next venture he is thinking logically and he wants her record to be right, so I appreciate him.
Side note- did anyone else think Teeny's girlfriend looks like his sister? #creepy. (creepy is in reference to his gf looking like his sister not a reference to their actual appearance).
Haste makes waste and that single she is pumping her fists for seemed pretty mediocre to me. What did you think of the latest episode?
Let's talk about Pep
So I guess the weekly setup will always include these four women discussing their dates over lunch... Ummm ok I guess. I hope they at least change the scene to more comfortable surroundings like Peps living room or some place like that. Each week we follow the dates of three of the women.
Jomana was off last weeks bench and in the dating game this week as she went out with a professional biker. As he sat at the dinner table raking the dinner fork through his hair, he reminded me to cancel all upcoming restaurant outings that I had planned *gag*. For some reason Jomana didn't seem disturbed by his etiquette or lack of etiquette shall I say. I know she likes a guy with an edge but her man was tacky and lacked the social graces possessed by a house trained orangutan. He later threw his wife beater at a cop van and was nearly arrested but he managed to pull the " hey I'm semi famous" card just in time and he managed to couple it with a whining plea not to be arrested which in my eyes made his bad boy facade crumble.
Wild Kittie didn't have a personal date to review this week and Pep didn't either come to think of it. Instead they just went to an after hours club with a writer from Essence mag as they screened the room for cuties. Pep was too nervous to actually approach any guys and in the end all three ladies came up empty.
Last but not least my girl Jacque Reed may have rekindled a flame with a man she dated briefly a few months ago. Having pushed what Jacque deemed his selfish qualities aside, he approached her as a new man ready to satisfy some of her relationship needs. Now claiming to be ready for marriage and the baby carriage this man seemed ripe for the picking. However his quick 180 degree change has Jacque scratching her head and wondering if this could all be true. Whether he was serious or just wanted to get a little face time on camera he still scored points in my book for walking off into the night With Jacque instead of leaving her to walk the streets alone like some of the men featured last week. She did seem to have a genuine connection with Jacque so that was refreshing to see.
Don't Forget
Tatiana Ali new show starts tonight and will air for three consecutive nights on TVone before continuing on it's regular Tuesday night time slot.


Therapeutic Musings said...

I saw this in the store and wondered about it. I like the way it makes your lashes look, I'll keep this in mind.

Thanks for the reminder on tatiana's new show, I'm going to try to remember to watch tonight.

antithesis said...

ok i have to give that mascara a try. i have nothing to say about those shows b/c i havent seen them. i'll give them a glance next week.

Lee said...

Your lashes look good. Will need to check that one out. As far as the shows:Yes, I don't know what's up with Fantasia's mama. She was real lax about Teeny spending up Fantasia's money. He should have been gone a long time ago. As far as Pep's show, I didn't get Joumana with the bad boy thing. Dude was a mess and the "bad boy" thing should be old by the age of 30. And yes, the fork was disgusting.

lavanya said...


yummy411 said...

girl! lol... yes can pep and them find another lunch spot?? lol but im loving the show, esp this last one where she had a date with the asian cook. your lashes look great. i have a few versions of that mascara. i wasn't feeling fantasia's show until recently. i could get past her voice at first, but i guess i did. did you see her on oprah? i didn't.. wanna recap that? ;)