Monday, January 25, 2010

Long Post-LIps, My Rant, On the tube ,The Winner Is

I know I've been fooled in the past by pretty packaging, how about you? I've purchased products based on it's lovely packaging and description and I am fooled into thinking that the new and improved version will be different from previous versions. In reality it's just the same or very similar product in a new bottle. When I saw the new ShineSensational lip gloss from Maybelline priced at $5.99, I wondered if it could be all that different from other Maybelline glosses. It promises to give you unbelievably shiny lips.
This lipgloss is very similar to the Maybelline shinylicious glosses that I reviewed a while ago. It's been on the market for a while, but there is a notable improvement. In the shinylicious glosses there was sometimes a separation of the product and this random gooey gel like oil that would come out of the tube before the actual product.
  1. They seem to have nixed the goo this time around because pure product is released with each squeeze.
  2. The new sensational lip products have a delicious scent unlike shinylicious. If you pick up a peach flavored gloss you will undoubtedly smell peaches when you open the tube.

  3. The packaging is also more attractive with little pictures representing the flavor right on the bottom of each tube. The two flavors that I purchased are Cocoa Fever and Peach Sorbet with mini chocolate bars and juicy peaches pictured on the respective tubes.

Clearly, if I had to choose between the two Maybelline glosses I would go with the goo free Shinesensational version over the epic fail shinylicious.
However, once you get past the goo, there really is no difference in the shine factor. In fact most glosses will give you shine, even the cheaper glosses on the market.
In the picture on your left you can see that some of the glosses like the peach one will give you a clear shine while some of the darker shades like cocoa fever, will actually give you a colored tint and shine! While I like the scent and packaging you won't catch me doing any cartwheels over this product.

Product Watch
Now I am dying to get my fingers on this candy scented lip quad, the ChocohoLICK by Jane Iredale. Isn't it cute how each gloss is in what looks like a candy wrapper? Priced at $44 this product is supposed to to taste and smell as good as the names would suggest. The favors are truffle, caramel, strawberry cream, and chocolate orange. You can't get these products individually so you must get all 4 goodies. When they are back in stock I'm getting a set. When you break it down it's only $11.00 per gloss which isn't horrible, RIGHT???? lol It's supposed to be a non sticky formula made with nice ingredients like jojoba and sunflower seed oils.
On the tube
Final verdict Tatyana Ali's Show sucks and I can't believe Martin Lawrence would have his name associated with this crap. Instead of just criticizing I will offer a few suggestions:
1) umm make the show funny. The jokes are pretty lame, the guy who plays the brother does too muh acting with his eyes. While Tyra may love him for Top Model, he just seems overboard on this show.
2) Shenaynay was another over the top character that could always guarantee a few laughs but her loud mouthed counterpart played by the secretary in Tatyana's show is another wrong move. Shenaynay liked Martin and had a problem with Gina, so as the nosey neighbor including her in scenes seemed appropriate. However, I don't need this fashion victim of a secretary in any scence that does not involve the office. In fact, seeing her tri colored locks in the office is annoying too, so I would just squash that character all together.

3)The Neighbors are toooooo MUCH, pracing around in wierd outfits -just a huge NO.
The Jersey Shore
Well the summer is over and our favorite tanned misfits had to leave the beach house. In my opinion if the Situation had not been on the show, it would have been a pretty meaningless season. Howwver Mike + Paulie D + a little dysfunctional cookie named Snookie made for an interesting laugh out loud season. But I need a few things:
1) I need someone to be a real friend to Snookie and to tell her to wear garments that flatter her body. I also need that friend to tell her that her happiness shouldn't be based on whether or not she has a fling in her life.
2) I need Ronnie to man up! Sam is a relationship con artist and will always flip the tables on him to get him to apologize for her wrong actions! She is annoying and drama filled.
3)I need Mike and paulie D to keep coming up with catch phrases like the grenade and grenade
4) I need Jwow & Snookie to find a way to dance in public without showing their undergarments...
5) I need Vinny to get a personality and stop attacking Mike simply because he has more pzazz. I had forgotten about Vinny's existence until the second to last episode.
At the reunion on MTV Sam and Ronnie (aka peanut head) broke up or so they say, I bet they were back together before the producer could yell CUT.
I think MTV is gearing up for round 2 but it seems like these Jersey cast mates are trying to renegotiate and get the best deal possible. Word to the wise, don't push it too far you guys, the majority of the cast can be easily replaced.

Fantasia For Real
Finally a voice of reason has emerged, Fantasia's oldest brother and background singer (totally forgot his name). He actually has a JOB so he is not a freeloader- HOORAY! He told Fantasia exactly why she is experiencing the problems she is having with family members and what she needs to do to resolve the issue. Although he seems to be her backbone, he is ready to branch off and get a singing career of his own. Remember he is the brother that went with Fantasia to the American Idol audition not just to support her but as a contestant himself so the singing bug is still present in his life. On the other side of town you have Teeny, performing in some venue singing who knows what. I love that he said he doesn't need to ride the coat tails of anyone then the camera showed that he was performing in a venue under this title "Fantaisa's brother- Joe" LOL he is a classic coat tail rider if i've ever seen one.
Let's Talk About Pep
I need Jacque R. to slow her roll. I know you want a baby but the guy she considered for a second was less than desirable...ok at least in my book. If he had been able to hold more than a 5 minute conversation, I think Jacque would have been ok with this guy..oh well to each his own.
Pep was with a guy who just hits me a sneaky, but she had her own reservations about dating him because he is a pal to her ex husband Tretch.
Jomouna (sp) I can totally do without, between her screechy voice and horrible dating options ughhh.
Kittie- I just can't. Why was she emotionally invested in the guy she met online whom she had never seen in person over their 3 year involvement?????? That relationship, I use that word loosely, is an #EPIC fail if I've ever witnessed one.
I found this guy through the clutch magazine site and he has his own Youtube channel. Check out the video- his channel is OnedegreeFromMe

And the Winner Is
The winner of the giveaway is Blueberry2118. Please send me your address and I will ship out your goods. If I don't hear from you within three days I will be forced to give them away....I'm dramatic lol.
Congrats to you and please let me know how it works for you.


antithesis said...

i had the two step protein treatment. my step one spilled out every-damn-where in my hair drawer of my little cart in my room so i only have the one step and i may have just tossed that. i may mix it with some coconut oil for a prepoo once my coconut oil challenge is over in march.

i feel bad for the guido little kim. snooks keeps getting punched in the face. i love the catch-phrases like "grenade-launcher" and i have to agree with ur sam comment. the bitch makes me want to shake her.

Lee said...

I could not agree more with your assessments of Jersey Shore, Fantasia and Pep. Snooky, Mike and Pauly make the show, but they should not hold out for too long, because even they can be replaced. Fantasia's brother Teeny is a drama king and freeloader. I like the other brother though. I feel better about him since he at least works for her. As far as Pep's show, yes Jacqui needs to chill, and what was up with Kitty? Seriously? Phone sex with some dude you never met for 3 years? What made her think he was a stand up guy? Foolishness.

Just_Wondering said...

Hey Girlie, remind me to tell you what my SLP ears caught in your video that I never noticed before. You sounded like you had a horrible day on Monday. That rain was horrible. I felt like I was going to blow away trying to hold onto my brand new umbrella.

Shawnta said...

Thanks for sharing. These lip glosses are so cute! I've seen the Maybelline ones in Walmart but haven't bought any yet. I plan to buy a couple but haven't decided which shades/flavors.

I love the packaging of the Jane Iredale ones.