Monday, January 11, 2010

A possible challenge & on the tube

Challenge... kind of
As you probably all know by now, I am not a huge fan of applying oils on my hair simply because I dislike greasy hair. However, everyone on the Internet seems to be thrilled when they use castor oil on their scalps to promote hair growth. I think I am seriously going to give it a try, I've done it a few times but not on a consistent basis so let's see how it goes.
As you can see this bottle is almost done because castor oil has many many uses.
How do you use your castor oil? Have you seen significant growth after applying castor oil to your scalp?
On the Tube
Forget about everything else that disturbed me during the insanity that was The Jersey Shore episode last Thursday, and let's focus on a few things that really grind my gears.
1) When a woman has a big mouth and thinks it's cute to get her muscle bound man in scuffles.
-When some drunk guy was antagonizing Ronnie, Sam just had to get her two cents in by making a few rude comments herself. Ronnie was trying to ignore the drunk guy and he repeatedly asked Sam to stop communicating with the drunkard who clearly wanted a fight. Eventually, it happened, the two men began to fight and I do think Sam caused the situation to escalate. I also think she used the "push" as a way to get Ronnie to forget about her actions and instead feel sympathetic towards her.

* I applaud Ronnie for understanding that a 20 something year old man fighting in public (if he's not a professional boxer) is so LAME. Men need not attempt to prove their manhood by boxing it out on a street corner with every loser who wants to pick a fight. What if the cameras were not there and the drunk guy had a weapon...geesh when will some women learn- watching your man knuckle up for over stupid issues should not make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

2) The other thing that I noticed in previous episodes was made painfully clear during the last episode- Ronnie has birthing hips. I know he claims to be a muscle man but his hips are wide, his butt is large (not in a good way) and he wears jeans that can be worn by a woman.... when he was fighting and landed on top of the other guy, I thought his backside was in 3D. I don't know if you remember the episode of Girlfriends (miss that show) when Joan briefly dated the man who wore a "man girdle" well Ronnie needs either that or a pair of spanx

3) Although Ronnie has huge muscles, he fights like a Even though the other guy was drunk he moved his fists into fighting position, protecting his face while trying to find the best angle to get a punch in. Ronnie on the other hand began flailing his arms around like the propellers from a helicopter....LOL You can not have huge muscles and fight like that Ronnie, you just can't. He did win the scuffle but it just didn't look

KFC Controversy

By now you may have heard about the KFC commercial that many people claimed was a racist advertisement. In the commercial you have a group of black people rooting for their cricket team and one man from the opposing team sitting in the crowd. The man appears to be nervous and agitated as the voice says something like "caught in an awkward situation?" then he whips out a bucket of chicken and of course all the black people dig in. The man says "too easy". Now there were many opinions that I found online where some people thought there was nothing wrong with the commercial and people need not be so sensitive. On the other hand, you had those who were deeply offended by the ad. I completely understand the team rivalry that exists between different cricket it, but what I don't get is the commercial for the following reasons.

1)The Australian guy is squirming around as if he is going to be attacked. I didn't understand why he appeared nervous in the commercial because no one was paying attention to him. Literally, they are not even looking his way so how was that an awkward moment?????

It would have been more effective if he was perhaps rooting for his team and then everyone else looked at him, then you could say "caught in an awkward situation", but you cant ask that question when people appear to be happy and they are ignoring was it awkward I ask?

2) If he had taken some chicken himself perhaps it would have looked a little better, but the fact that he holds up the bucket and every black person present jumps in for a piece disturbs me especially as he utters his final words ="Too Easy".

KFC has since removed the commercial but that commercial must have gone through countless boardrooms before hitting the air waves so I am left wondering #whoapprovedthis ?

I actually have friends of all backgrounds and I am not overly sensitive in my estimation but this commercial didn't sit well with me when I first saw it. What are your thoughts?

If you want to see the commercial click here.


NewRibena said...

I use JBCO mostly to "amp" up my conditioners and also to seal my hair when I have twists in. I also regularly use it on my edges as I where alot of pulled back styles. Gotta go light with it though or you'll have a sticky mess.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I didn't even realize he was from a different team, lol. I was so confused by it all, I just mumbled "racist bastards" and kept it moving.

I use castor oil in my pre poo's when I'm not being lazy. Since I'm often lazy, I don't see much of an improvement.

Just_Wondering said...

Hey PJD, I have done castor oil...I may have over done it because you know I don't mind oils. It really works. I'm going to try it again this year. So lets see how it goes. I put it on my scalp only on wash days.

Shawnta said...

Hey, y'all.

@PJD: I know it's been awhile since I've posted a comment here. Sorry I've been MIA. I've never used castor oil in my hair but I'd be willing to give it a try. Does it have to be the Jamaican Castor Oil?

All: How often do you apply it? Do you just part your hair and apply it directly to scalp and brush? Or is it more like a heated deep conditioning?

@PJD: I haven't seen or read about that KFC commercial and I'm online reading all the time. Craziness! Who approved the commercial is my question? No one thought to vote against it? Wow.

mary'smom said...

Pink and Lovely! Really works! Keyshia(sp?)promotes this stuff from Wal-Mart. My daughter had awfully curly, unruly hair. With a flat iron and this stuff --- beautiful!

As an aside...Keyshia Cole is a sweetheart and we love her music! She was so sweet to my daughter and nice to us...I didn't even know I was talking to someone famous at all. It was like talking to a friend or neighbor...that genuine. We love her!

Frugalista said...