Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Bliss, Check the nails, Lets get married and Diddy

Bliss got my $18 with this oh so ordinary body wash, but they won't get me again. I purchased the 16 oz lemon sage body wash because the bottle explained that I was getting more for my buck and that the product is really sudsy...ok Im easy to please..lol. The scent gives you a hint of lemon but then that sage comes right around to punch me in the nose. I don't care for the scent and the body wash is not super sudsy, it's a regular old body wash and in my book not worth $18.00. I should note that this sulfate body wash (sulfates are common in body washes) is paraben FREE and includes aloe vera juice. Of course Bliss slipped in some blue dyes and other chemicals to round out their ingredient list.
So yup this is another product for the SKIP IT files. I have tried other things from Bliss but in general this company does not impress me. Nevertheless I plan on hitting up the Bliss spa this summer in NYC. Is there anything from the Bliss line that I need to check out???

Nail Check Antique Rose by Essie is the color that I am wearing in this picture. In person the color really looks like rose gold, so I like it. Ignore my sloppy application please..lol. This bottle costs roughly $8.00.
Let's get Married
There are two segments that I LOVE from Essence.com- 1) The annual - Will You Marry Me? videos where men propose to their lovely ladies on camera. We get to vote for the pair we love and the couple with the most votes will win a wedding package which usually includes a great honeymoon and other treats.
The second segment that I love is 2) 30 Dates in 30 Days which Essence only ran once- If anyone from Essence is reading this post (doubtful lol) PLEASE bring back this segment, it was oh so enjoyable. Essence would take women and fix them up with bachelors and show the dates online. The viewing audience would vote and select each date for the women. The women also had an opportunity to be styled before each date so that each woman would look fierce from head to toe!
Although my 30 dates in 30 days segment is no where in sight my WILL you marry me post was featured yesterday. Which couple will get your vote? Click here

Who Wants to Work For Diddy?
Well I know I certainly don't want the position but clearly there are many out there clamoring to be Diddy's assistant. Last night the final battle was fought between Ebony and Dan. They battled task for task in an attempt to outshine each other and impress Diddy. Diddy had them perform a myriad of tasks throughout the day to see how competent they were and to assess their flexibility,and overall potential. Both contestants had their shortcomings and showed that they would both require refinement before being thrust into the thick of things at Bad Boy, but in the end Ebony prevailed. Much to my surprise Dan was sent packing, I really thought he would take the crown as Diddy's new assistant.
I didn't expect to feel this way at the end but after watching the final episode and looking at the areas where Ebony fell short, I really thought she was going home jobless. While Dan certainly doesn't know everything he does have a certain level of general office etiquette which can not be taught easily. For example when Ebony decided to stroll around the Bad Boy office without shoes I was appalled. First of all you know that the final challenge will require you to run your bones all over NYC so why appear in heals and a pencil skirt?????? So when her feet could no longer stand up to the pressure, those shoes hit the bricks and she kept it moving. Dragging her bare toes across the floor grrrrrrrrr. Imagine if an important client or better yet DIDDY caught you walking around like that (he did by the way and wasn't pleased) that in my book is a common sense NO NO. Also Diddy gave her a simple test which I thought she would breeze through but again I was wrong. He gave her a list of names (first and last) and asked her to get the people on the phone on his behalf. However, before allowing this contestant to waltz out the door he asked her what she would say on the phone. One person on the list was Tracy Edmonds (the ex wife of Babyface) and Ebony said I would say " Hello can I speak to Tracy". I wanted to reach through the tv and grab Ebony. Of course Puff grilled her and told her that executives shouldn't be addressed by their first names etc. Did she think she was calling her bff? Gee whiz. Anyway congrats to Ebony. Perhaps she was just nervous during the final challenge, but I think she has a great deal of potential and I wish her the best.
Why do you think she won? I have my theories..lol


laughing808 said...

darn, I was contemplating ordering that body wash.

Thanks for the reminder for the Essence "Will You Marry Me" segment, I've cast my vote.

I didn't watch all of work for diddy show this season, but I'm surprised Ebony won also, in fact I thought he would scrap them all and start anew. The few episodes I did catch didn't show any real potential amongst those that were cast.

Charmaine, Body Magic Rep said...

LMAO...Ebony was a mess! Diddy was wrong as hail for calling her out bout them "raisinettes" as he said. I fell out laughing.

Dan seemed somewhat out of place in some areas but overall I think he was the better contestant. The fact that Diddy redeemed her after the foot incident let me know he was going to pick her anyway. The only downfall for Dan was the spelling.

For real Diddy....spelling? That's why he didn't get extra points, really? Ebony only spelled one word so um...yeah. He got the side eye for that.

Ebony messed up so much it was dam impossible for her to catch up. She had her feet out, no phone etiquette what-so-ever, AND when she was asked to get the people on the phone>>>she used a cell phone (???)

Yeah...this season was seriously flawed.

Kim @ blackstylecentral.com said...

I almost never buy things from Bliss. Love their spas but that's it.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Laughing808 i would say save your money! I
Charmaine lol you are right about that...it was a flawed season.
Kim I can't wait to go this weekend.

Phyllis Bourne said...

I want to love Bliss products, but always find them underwhelming.

I'm putting that Essie nail polish on my shopping list.

Diddy? Like you, it's not a job I'd want. I'm too old to take that sh*t.

yummy411 said...

you know i love the tube wrap ups!

i think diddy picked ebony to help a sister out. she has potential but needed to be groomed. dan can get a job anywhere and succeed. i love him.. even to the end he was saying "how could i be mad when i just watched someone realize their dream" true 100.

laughing808 said...

I had to come back and comment on the body wash.....I was in Sephora yesterday and picked up the foaming body wash by Bliss. I've used it previously courtesy of a hotel and found the scent delightful as well as the amount of suds.