Thursday, January 7, 2010

From Head to Toe and WHO APPROVED THIS

I have a love hate relationship with oils, they are just too oily. I don't want to leave my fingerprints on everything I touch but at the same time I love all of the shiny goodness left on my skin after I apply an oil. I decided to purchase the After Bath oil from Oyinhandmade during their Black Friday sale for a mere $12.00 (a larger size is also available). This oil can be used from head to toe so I decided to actually use it on my hair and body. Well well well, thank you Oyin for giving me just the type of oil that I need in my life. This oil works better on my hair to lock in moisture than probably any other oil that I have used. I like it mainly because it doesn't weigh my hair down like some of the heavier oils that I've used in the past. I should also note that I use very little at a time when sealing in moisture because I hate a greasy heavy head of hair. While I am still not fully on the moisturize and seal bandwagon, when I do seal in moisture this is the product that I turn to.
I also love the fact that this oil is available in a variety of scents, I selected coco mango. I mentioned on one of my videos that the coco mango scent really does smell like a fruity mixture of coconuts and mangos (emphasis is placed more on the mango/ fruity scent as opposed to a strong coconut scent).
For my body this oil absorbs as well as coconut oil, maybe a little better so that works out well for me too! I feel like the oil absorbs well but that generally translates into the fact that I need to apply more if I want to maintain my shiny glow that you all know I love.
I would totally get this product again, in fact I am going to upgrade and get the largest bottle possible.
Some of the ingredients include - rice bran oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, sweet almond oil and black seed oil.
Have you tried this after bath oil? Which oils rock your boat? Do you seal your hair after moisturizing?
In the Theaters
Yesterday I saw this trailer (see below) for a new movie entitled "our Family Wedding" which features many well known actors. - Does anyone else have a problem with Regina King being married to Forrest Whitaker while playing the MOM to Lance Gross? I think she looks way too young to be linked to Forrest or playing the momma to Lance. Although I'm glad she is working, I am still left asking #whoapprovedthis ? What are your thoughts


Therapeutic Musings said...

Darn you PJD! I'm going to their store on Saturday and I was supposed to just get one thing, then you blogged about deodorant and I added that to my list, now you blog about this and I want to add it to my list too. Maybe I should buy 1 of everything I don't have and just get it over with.

Forrest's real wife looks young too, so maybe it's the fact that Lance Gross is too old to be playing their child. I can't see the video from where I'm working today, but I'll check later to see if I think it's just as dumb.

Amina said...

oyin afterbath oil is like crack!! too good to resist!

Amina said...

well i've never tried that oil is so addictive!
I also love using it as a face oil

antithesis said...

ok that movie? i did a survey on that trailer a few months ago and i was like "please dont release this". i was hoping it would not go any further. the worst!!!!!!

laughing808 said...

I'll have to add that brand of oils to my list of products to check out.

Re: movie, I thought it was just me, I can't see Regina playing the role of a wife with an adult son. It would be more believable if the son was in his late teens, but old enough to marry???? yeah um how did that happen.




Shawnta said...

Hey! I haven't visited here for awhile (but I still watch the YouTube videos). Sorry I've been MIA. How have you been? Hope all is well.

I haven't seen this trailer before but I agree with TM; Forest's real wife does look really young.

I LOVE Regina King! I think she is one of the most underrated actresses ever. I'm not convinced of her playing the role of wife to Forest but I think it's feasible.