Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Skin MD Naturals -Did it work?

If you have dry skin you have likely scoured countless store shelves looking for your bottled cure for dry skin. I know I've tried many products, each time hoping I could scratch of "dry skin" on my list of things I'd rather not have. Product after product failed to deliver the moisturizing goodness I so desire. The people of Skin Md kindly sent me the paraben free Skin MD shielding lotion. It is supposed to improve the hydration of your skin. This product is referred to as the shielding lotion because it is supposed to shield your skin from things that can irritate it, while allowing moisturizing properties to seep through.
Here is what I love about skin MD:
No animal products or testing
• Dermatology tested
• Fragrance and colorant free
• Hypoallergenic
• Paraben free
• Non-comedogenic
It also contains chamomile, aloe leaf extract and vitamin E.
The lotion is very creamy and thin in consistency, it is almost feels like water when I apply it to my hands. I should also tell you that this product can be used from your face down to your feet.
I have seen some really great reviews of this product, but I had a mixed personal experience. This lotion is said to be so powerful that it is able to help pamper the skin of those who have psoriasis and eczema. Since I don't have such skin ailments I was excited to have possibly identified my winning product.
A mysterious dry patch appeared on one of my wrists a few months ago, it's just this one area that is drier than every other inch of skin on my body. Perhaps a chemical burned that area of my wrist, I don't know but whatever it was, that persistent dryness was killing me. If I put lotion on my hands, that area on the back of my wrist would be the first section to become ashy. I applied the Skin MD and I can tell you that the mysterious dry patch is HISTORY. I don't know where it came from but I know that it responded quite well to the Skin MD formula.
Although this part of my hand had been cured, every other section of skin on my hands did not respond well to the Skin MD natural lotion. The dry patch was well moisturized while the normal/dry sections were drier than the Sahara dessert. My hands were very ashy. I thought it could possibly be my unique skin so I allowed others to use the product and they received the same results, dry skin. I used the product on my face and I had smooth flake free skin.
This product has totally confused me, working for some sections of skin but not others. I guess my search continues. Have you tried Skin MD naturals?
If you would like to try this product, you can make your purchase here: Skin MD Naturals


sarah said...

I have been in search of people that this product has not worked for. I read a lot of great reviews before ordering and was very excited to get it and try it. But when I did try it my skin felt stiff and funny. I read about the ingredients and it has silicone in it, which may be why it feels funny. Some spots of my eczema look better but on my inner elbows look so red and burn. Yet my neck and hands look better.

I can't help but wonder if I should try it with more time or stop. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks for sharing your experience Sarah. I continue to have the same results that I described in my post...hummmm. Please let me know if things change for you with this product.