Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hair Wars- Chat it up with Essence- Lip Balm

I didn't get to take a picture of the product of the day so please scroll down to the post from yesterday if you didn't read that product review. Below is my
I was on time for my hair appointment last Friday. I walked towards the closet to hang up my coat only to discover a sea of coats squished into the tiny closet space. I walked past the front counter to grab my usual seat. There sat a woman whose face I had never seen before, watching me as I scanned the salon for an empty seat. I eventually had to return to the couch at the front of the salon where no one likes to sit during the winter because of the cool air that seeps in from through door. Just as I was settling into my seat, Lady C calls me to her chair, I was relieved and ready to start the process.
We chat it up and I fall asleep intermittently in her warm chair until I am placed under the dryer. When it was all over I loved my hair, got in a few more chuckles with Lady C, tipped her and thanked her for the great service. I marched towards the salon owner allowing my hair to flutter about my face as I handed her my payment. She grabbed my hand and held it as she whispered " you pay lady C now, she's independent". Although the salon had been stacked with new stylist I paid it no mind, I had been getting my hair done either by Lady C or the salon owner for years so the new faces didn't concern me. However, the payment process was new, I always paid the salon owner and tipped whomever had done my hair (either Lady C or the Owner) but this time was different. The owner explained that Lady C now worked for herself and would now rightfully collect her own payments. It was all business to me and I could care less who I paid as long as I left satisfied, but then I was suddenly dragged into the battlefield. Still whispering, the owner said "Lady C buys her own products now so he doesn't have to use what I use. That means we can't share clients anymore because I don't want too many chefs in one kitchen. You have to choose, she said staring into my eyes. I'm sure my face was expressionless as I shook my head for the reminder of the conversation.
I was faced with a decision that had to be made, do I now go to Lady C only or the Owner? Lady C is closer in age and we fill each of my hair sessions with random chatter and updates of our lives. I went to her wedding, she's cool and can do hair! The store owner, an older woman with life experiences you could only imagine, would also do my hair and we have had great conversations from religion to politics and business all while making my hair look photo shoot ready. But now instead of prancing over to either or their available seat, I would have to pick between the two and stick with that decision. I left not knowing what I would do and since my next appointment is months away a decision doesn't have to be made now. I like both ladies and they both do my hair well so who do I choose? The young sassy lady versus the mature older owner who doles out her wisdom while combing my tresses in place. So this is my dilemma two women whose salon chairs are just a few feet away from each other expect me to choose! I just imagine sitting in one seat as the other looks at me longingly while preparing the hair of some other client . So that's it ladies, the war between stylists have u ever had to choose?
* side note- the new stylists were looking at me as if they thought of me as a potential client. However each new stylist has JACKED up I will not be visiting them.
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antithesis said...

thats fucked up! how is she gonna be "independent" but still working in the same exactly location? that's trife to put u in the middle of that bullshit. if the owner has the chick working there then if she's available u should still get to go to her and pay her and if not, u can just go to the owner and pay her. y do u have to choose???? they didnt have a problem before...i dont know what id do in that situation.

NewRibena said...

That is so unfair to put you in that awkward matter your choice, it will be uncomfortable. Not sure what I would do...I'd be trying to take turns.

Phyllis Bourne said...

I had a similar dilemma when a stylist I was seeing called off sick and the lady next to her offered to do my hair. The substitute did an AMAZING job. We just seemed in-sync. I wanted to dump my old stylist, but didn't want awkwardness or hurt feelings.

The dh reminded me, "It's only YOUR hard-earned money."

Somehow that made it easier to dump the old one for the amazing one.

Since both of your stylists do a great job it's a tougher choice. Which one is faster?

Andrea said...

Wow thats crazy and i understand how you feel but you should not be put in a situation to choose as it is not right. I also wanted to know what shop is that and its your hard earn money and nobody should tell you how to spend it.