Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's talk about Fanny and Pep

Fanny is on
So many people have grown tired of reality tv shows but every now and then we are presented with a show with a different twist. Last night Fantasia an American idol winner, allowed us into her world through her new reality show. Fantasia’s show allows us to see what she is going through in her personal life. This young lady is caring for 6 family members. Those looking to fantasia for support include her daughter (obviously), her mom, siblings and other family members. I was disturbed and disgusted while watching the program. It is great that she is in a position to help the ones she loves but she appears to be surrounded by some professional leaches.
One of the ingrates is her 28 year old brother Teeny. Teeny is unemployed and loving it. He doesn't want to do much of anything except spend Fantasias money and test drive Ferraris. He doesn't want to go to school or get a job. He claims that music is his passion but at least in episode 1 he didn’t even do anything related to music. Shot turn on the radio, pretending your mixing a beat so something….. he appears to be a lazy jerk. He even began tearing up the interior of Fantasia’s pool house in an attempt to create a cozy recording studio for himself, of course all on Fantasia’s dime. The mother really gets under my skin because she is an enabler, not scolding the brother for basically taking advantage of his sister. Of course her family members will probably not find jobs that will pay enough to take care of all of the household expenses, but at the very least they could get jobs to take care of themselves or to buy groceries for the household etc. If my sister had a boat load of cash and I lived with her there is no way I could sit back and allow her to do and pay for everything even though she would probably want too. I would want to open a business and bring in more income or keep a job and help our where I could. Even if your monetary income isn’t equal to a wealthier family member at the very least they will appreciate your attempt to help and you can feel good about yourself too. I do not, nor will I even understand lazy people who try to live off of others, the sense of entitlement sickens me.
How can you be a big grown man looking in your little sister’s face every time you need some money…GROW up. I honestly don’t know at this point if I will be able to get through this series simply because I hate to see lazy people take advantage of others…it disturbs me deeply.
What are your thoughts? Did you hear Fantasia’s cutie pie daughter belt out that note? I see a little diva star in the making…..

Let's Talk About Pep

Let's Talk about Pep is a show where four friends gather to discuss their experiences with dating. Each woman seems interested in love but they all have different agendas. Pepa, a mom of two, has been married in the past but after failed relationships, she is ready to get back on the saddle and find her true love. Jacque, the reporter/ radio host wants it all, the husband and the baby but since that biological clock is tick tick tocking away she may consider having the baby and finding the love of her life later. Jomana, a sports journalist and recent divorcee from an NBA star, is going to experience the thrills of dating for the first time since her 11 year marriage ended. And finally we have Kitta, a wild child looking to have a good time while leaving a string of hearts in the distance.
These women basically discussed their dates over lunch. Pepa went out with an NFL star, I want to say former NFL star since he seemed to be up there in age. I don't watch football so I don't know him...anyone out there familiar with the gentleman shown on last night's date? Well the most eventful part of Peps night out was the fact that her NFL baller date's hair nearly caught on fire due to his modern day jherri curl. Pep heard a sizzle and smoke began to come rise from his curly tendrils ..lol.
Kittie thought she had a boring business man on her hands and she was not interested, that is until he told her that her toes tasted like meatloaf...(don't ask) but I assure you, it was gross. Kittie makes way too many facial expressions for me, at least while she was at that date she had all of these weird faces she would make at the guy. I know he may not have been her type INITIALLY but she could have been a little nicer. She only warmed up after she realized he has a freaky side.
Jomana did not have a dating experience this week so that leave us with my girl Jacque. She went out with Lammar the actor who played Jill Scott's second husband in the Tyler Perry movie, Why Did I Get Married. Lammar and Jacque have been friends for quite some time though they never dated they have "love for one another". He said he would be open to a conversation with Jacque when she asked if he would give her his sperm to allow her to have the baby she desires.
I have a question to you ladies out there...is walking a woman to her car or front door no longer an option for men? I saw Jacque walk off into the night as big strong Lammar strolled down the street in the opposite direction. Perhaps her car was right there, I dunno and they are just friends but still...dang. Kittie exited the car and walked herself to her front door, I'm like wow I guess I'm just old fashioned!

What do you think of the show? Will you tune in again?


Lee said...

Hey PJD,
I blogged about this today too. I enjoyed both shows, but I feel everything you said. Fantasia's family is a trip. And you are so right about walking the ladies to the car. So true. I am old school on that too.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Ok so first off I am missing these shows because I am enduring the torture of still being in school these hours at night. I did however see the preview for the Pep show and that was just hilarious. The dynamic seems like it will make for an addictive show. Kitta...I have no words. She is a nasty one. As for Fantasia I'm hoping to catch the show on the weekend and then i'll let you know my impression. But Eddie Griffin fam was just like that. Did you see that one?

laughing808 said...

i caught both shows and I surely hope Fantasia cuts those unneccessary ties that seem to absorb her finances. I have no words for the brother Teeny tearing up her pool house without her permission!!!!!

As far as Pep's show, all I can say is interesting. And you made an excellent point in that the men didn't walk Jacque or Kittie to their respective destinations.

NewRibena said...

I was totally unimpressed with Fantasia's family - but especially Teeny! I did not see Pep's show but I'm guessing that Jacque and Lamman did not end up together as my friend saw him less than 2 weeks ago flying 1st class with some other beauty...