Monday, January 4, 2010

Washing my hair with grapefruits?

When I think of natural ingredients that will nurture my tresses and make my hair look amazing, grapefruit is probably the last item that would come to mind. Well I'm thankful that Verikira had enough foresight to include this delicious ingredient in their shampoo and conditioner.

I had no idea how my hair would react to these sulfate and paraben free products, but it turns out that my hair LOVES them.

When I used the shampoo I was initially concerned because my hair had very little slip, I would not have felt comfortable running a comb through my hair at that point. However, after washing that shampoo out, my hair was totally clean and the oil that I used in my pre poo had been taken away. It almost felt as if I had clarified my hair. Once I added the conditioner my hair was transformed into soft silky strands. It was after the conditioner application when I felt that I could freely pass a comb through my wet hair if I decided to do so. As usual, I allowed my hair to air dry and I was surprised with the level of shine that was revealed, just beautiful. I should also note that to my surprise, the product did not smell like a grapefruit peel, instead if has a light grapefruit scent that is anything but overwhelming. I actually liked the scent of this citrus filled product.
Although the shampoo has a light pink color, the conditioner is a light shade of gray as shown in the picture on the left.
Ingredients include MSM (sulfur) which is great for encouraging hair growth, pink grapefruit essential oil, organic aloe juice, panthenol, organic green tea, wheat protein and other goodies.
The shampoo is priced at $28.00 and the conditioner is sold for $32.00. You can make this purchase or search through the other natural products from Verikira by clicking this link.
Have you tried anything from this company?
* I neglected to include the footage of the shiny hair I was left with so I will include that later!


antithesis said...

wow, when was the last time i actually came to the blog instead of lookin on youtube/google reader? i see you've changed up the layout. i like ur nail polish color in this post!

Therapeutic Musings said...

I like your new look :) I've never even heard of this company. I know I'm weak though, so I won't even click the link, lol.

Lee said...

Like the new look of the blog. The shampoo sounds good, but a little pricey. My budget is really tight these days.

Tamstyles said...

i love grapefruit products..i might have to try that out girl

justme said...

i really need to get more experimental with my hair because this sounds divine, it is pricey though, LOL

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis I know it's been a thanks
TM thanks, it's a free google template..I just didnt have the time to do what I really want with this site. The web site has some nice looking products I think i will have to pick up some of their products for my face.
Lee I hear ya, these are tough economic times.
Tamstyles if you do please let me know what you think.
Just me your hair is looking lovely by the way.