Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On The Tube

Real Housewives of Atlanta
Money can't buy you classssssss- a middle aged desperado once yelped those words on national television, and she was right. This fact could not have been more evident on Sunday night than when Nene and Kim decided to publicly feud. Even though both ladies had their rude moments Nene took the classless crown and wore it proudly. The most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta picked up where it left off the previous week, by zooming in on Nene's ET like finger as she waved it feverishly in front of Kim's dimly lit eyes (you know by now that Kim isn't all there- lol).
I wasn't the only one who noticed that Nene's rage could not have all been due to the additional house guests, something else was fueling her fire. We know that she is in a failing marriage, her eldest son isn't living his life like a productive young man and her career isn't exactly where it could be at her age so all of these factors must be stressful. However, unfortunate circumstances will never give a person license to be rude towards others. Nene did however speak her mind by expressing her disapproval for the working relationship between SWEETIE and Kim but in all honestly it was none of her business. What I just couldn't wrap my head around was the fact that she stayed in the home of a man whom she had never met before and she was being outrageously rude. Checking into a hotel would still have allowed her to hang out with the girls and it may have relieved some of the tension that was building in the house. Instead Nene invited her equally rude friend Diana to the house to party it up for the weekend. Even though Diana was not invited by the owner of the home, she still decided to attend the event. Who does that? I do not go where I am not invited!Also I couldn't help but think that Nene demands respect, self control and a measure of decourm from her degenerate son while she lacks all of the above. #justSaying
Phaedra, Kandi and Sheree also made the trip to Miami to support Cynthia but she was ready to pack it up and head home as soon as Nene made the suggestion. Thankfully Cynthia came to her senses and stayed with the ladies who traveled to support her.
Frienemies is a term used to describe someone who walks the line of being your friend and your enemy. Some of the housewives proved that they are indeed frienemies.
There were quite a few snarky remarks thrown at Cynthia as she walked the runway in a bathing suit. Nene who is supposed to be her friend, negatively commented on Cynthia's age, and Phaedra said Cynthia looked like a pretzel dipped in cottage cheese (OUCH). Sheree remarked that Cynthia could not have worn any of her She by Sheree fashions on the runway because they were made for perfect sizes 4 and 6 - she then followed up by stating that Cynthia's butt was at least a 12. I don't know what dress size Sheree is claiming but her derriere is is clearly not a 4 or 6 either. And where can we find She by Sheree fashions? Yeah that's what I thought.
What are your thoughts on the last episode?

Let's Stay Together
Now we are three episodes into this new show and I must admit that this was the best episode that they have aired. I still didn't laugh at anything, but the show at least seemed to have a beginning, middle and end. There was more substance to this show when compared to previous episodes. In this episode, the doctor's old college friends were in town and they were meeting her fiance for the first time. At first the meeting was awkward but her fiance, who owns a construction business, soon bonded with his fiance's friends. The married couple had their own challenges as the wife sensed that a client was after her husband. The episode wasn't horrible.... Who knows what will happen to this series but I hope it continues to improve.
Have you tuned out or are you still watching Let's Stay Together?

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