Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Colors and Concoctions

You may have already noticed the purple is a hot color for the Fall season. Sally Hansen and Revlon decided to jump on those colors by releasing pretty purple polishes. The $5.99 Sally Hansen color is called Plum It (it is just about the color of the skin on a plum), and I think it is a pretty color, but when I apply two coats it is almost too dark so it doesn't really look purple. The new Revlon shade is Primal Purple. You can click on the pic for a better view.

In the picture above you are looking at 5 pounds of unrefined soft shea butter which I have been using as a body moisturizer and I have used it in my pre poo a few times with good results. Shea butter can be used on the hair to prevent it from becoming dry and it is believed that the butter will not clog your pores. I will begin to whip the shea butter up with some of my pure 100% Aloe Vera Oil and other ingredients to see what I come up with.

What colors will you wear this season?
Have you put together any new concoctions recently?


B said...

I'm all over the pretty dark/vampy colors for the fall. I am still looking for my ideal purple and I think I need to go check out Sally Hansen's newest collection since OPI's newest didn't do much for me. Hmmm...

...and sadly, I haven't mixed up any new concoctions. I'm so boring. I mix some distilled water, a few drops of lavender oil, glycerin and a drop of hair conditioner in a spray bottle, shake it up and spray it on my hair. That's it. Booooring!

MakeupByRenRen said...

Wow the shea butter looks cool in it's natural form...i'm loving deep wine colors for the fall

Therapeutic Musings said...

I looveeee purple and now I'm going to go get one of those polishes for my bridesmaids since it's my wedding color, thanks!

I haven't made anything recently but I did just order something new for my skin, we'll see how it works out, lol.

antithesis said...

plum it looks cute! i might pick that up because im lookfor for a dark shade but i dont necessarily want black. it's funny, im wearing a purple short-sleeved turtle neck right now. purple is def. the it color for this fall (and spring) and i couldnt love it more!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

My boss is wearing purple toes today! I want to try it on my nails too!

Amina said...

i loove shea butter too!!
i haven't been mixing anything for the simple reason that i have so many products that i need to use up first before playing chemist :)
your shea-aloe sounds delish!

Anonymous said...

I called myself trying to whip shea butter. Didn't work. I just started using it on my hair again. When I take my twists out, I will see if it help with the dry hairitis I was dealing with.

P.S. M.A.C. wants me to work for them because they liked the way I did my makeup (soooo wasn't expecting it). Last week they didn't have any open positions, but when I went in today to turn in my app., the manager told me that one has come available and will call to schedule an interview this week. Keep me in your prayers!!

PBW said...

Love the Revlon purple!

I know purple's the in color, but I'm feeling bright red for fall.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Byes so to have dark nails and my precious bings, I'm set. I'm waiting on your new concoctions:-) and I seriously need to get some glycerin.
@RenRen I am with you on the it.
@TM oooh pretty I have seen purple in weddings maybe twice so pretty.
@Antithesis I'm completely not kidding when I say I almost wore my purple turrtle neck from the gap yesterday but made a last minute change...AHHHHH we are so in
@BGG it would look too cute on you.
@Amina when you have a concotion that you love I will certainly link to it just let me know.
@Jewells I hope the shea works well for you. On another note...what what what you mean I would have blog access to a real MAC pro...WHOOOOA * jumps up and down* I so want you to get that job. I am wishing you all the best. YAY YAY.
Congrats to you...
@PBW I'm sure red would look awesome on you. You new site design is so pretty!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just purchase 2 pounds of shea butter. Know what am I suppose to do with it? I need a recipe for a great pre-poo conditioner and a body cream of some sort

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Anonymouse sorry for the delay. Shea butter is great. Here is a post that I did based on a concotion I created
you can substitute with any oils that you have. There are a bunch of youtbe videos on making shea butter products so just search away and have a blast.