Monday, September 29, 2008

Problem Solved

I have always been the type of woman who likes to find solutions to problems, so I was not about to allow Givenchy to pull one over on me.
Last week I did a post on that fabulous new Givenchy mascara with the ball shaped wand. I mentioned in the post that for the future I would merely clean my Givenchy wand and use it with cheaper mascaras that I like. After posting the video I thought to myself will that wand fit into other tubes? Justme also had the same question so I had to investigate this issue. I had my mind set on using the Givenchy wand with the Colossal mascara by Mabeline and since the tube is chubby I thought it would fit, but the Givenchy wand was denied access. I wanted to give it one more try, so I shoved that Givenchy wand into the Colossal tube and when I attempted to pull the wand out, it was a no go so I had to pull harder check out the video to see what emurged.


Traycee said...

Great Idea...Don't forget to change your wand and mascara every 2 months ..because of bacteria..

Have u tried Lancome Mascaras yet

brownee said...

I was gonna ask if you weren't afraid of the bacteria issue.
What are you using to clean the wand?

brownee said...

Off topic Diva, you posted a review on MOP's protein conditoner.
Did you continue to use it? Is it a winner? I'm looking for a good protein treatment other than Aveda/Fekkai.

*Of course I'd appreciate input from any fellow readers also.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Tracyee LOL thanks I have to look for a good cleansing agent.
@Brownee ummmm good old water for now..LOL i know thats bad if I plan on doing this in coming months but I will have to find a really good product to clean the wand....or just get a new
To answer your question I have product ADD so I have used that MOP protein treatment and it was nice but I have since moved on to other products like the fortifying mask from, hairvaideas moisture protein conditioner. I know that people rave about the aphogee 2 minute protein treatment but I only used it once- I thought it was ok though. I will give it another shot and see how it goes. I will post this question tomorrow.

justme said...

hey thats awesome! thanks for doing that! i am so glad it didnt mess up the givenchy! you almost gave me a heart attack

Dominican Enigma said...

lol, i need to start making videos too with my new flip camera. lol,

B said...

I got this Givenchy mascara as a gift over the weekend (thank the Lord b/c I sho wasn't going to buy!) and can't wait to try it out. I think it was verrry smart of you to use the wand with a different formula. LOL, I'm laughin' at your mess and the same thing would happen to me. That Colossal stopper is a trick one. I've had issues with it before.
...and yep, consider the bacteria issue. ;)

Product Junkie Diva said...

Justme no problem.
@DE the flip camera is exactly what I use for my is too easy to use.
@B can't wait to see your review, you got a great gift!