Friday, September 5, 2008


Hello Lovely People
I am really really tired and I have so much to do tonight but I wanted to give you one final post for the evening :-).
I did purchase the Tarte $18 eye stain so in 4 days I will let you know if it is good or not.
I also received some new products, (trust me I didn't go crazy).
More reviews to come next week and I promise to get back to videos, and taking pictures.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


PBW said...

Looking forward to your eye stain review. I need something to perk up my eye game.

Lately, I'm just doing mascara.

Have a nice weekend.

B said...

Have a wonderful weekend, sis! Don't feel compelled to blog everyday. Geez, that's hard. Your fam will be there for ya when you come back. Muah!

Product Junkie Diva said...

PBW it's coming this week for sure!!
B thanks so much for your comment and support.