Friday, September 12, 2008

Body & Hair

While cruising through Whole Foods yesterday I came across the Giovanni Raspberry Winter body wash. It is an all natural 10.5 oz deliciously scented body wash that sells for $9.99 so I had to get it. I can not stop sniffing this body wash it is just yummy, yet the scent is not too strong so you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. I would get this product again 100%.
Moving on......
I did not want to do another hair post since I have already done about two this week but I washed my hair last night with products I had never used before and I am stunned by the results. My Honey Child is a company that produces natural products, I mean it is so natural that after opening and using the Honey Hair Mask the directions instruct you to refrigerate the product! I don’t know about you but I have never had to refrigerate my hair products, sounds extra natural to me and I LOVE it. Im getting ahead of myself so let me start from the beginning- I first used an Orange Peel powder that my sister had given me for my hair. I am not a fan of multi purpose products and when I saw that this natural peel powder can be used as a facial mask and a hair treatment I was skeptical, but I went ahead and used it anyway. The box stated that the orange peel powder, which can be mixed with water or a conditioner (similar to the hibiscus video I did a few days ago)will make your hair silky, manageable and shiny. I mixed the powder which is an icky (technical term) shade of brown with a little cheap conditioner and the scent of oranges drifted straight up my nose- delightful. I applied what looked like human waste to my hair ( sorry for being so descriptive) and and covered my head with a shower cap. When it was time to remove the shower cap my hair was a little stiff so I was a bit worried. As soon as the water hit my tresses, each hair transformed into a strand of silk it really was super soft. You can purchase this vitamin C enriched powder online for about $7.00 per pound or smaller portions in health food stores for a few dollars less. Pure orange peel powder can also be taken internally and because it is enriched with vitamin C there are many health benefits.
Next I used for the first time My honey Child Jamaica Island Cleanser($10.00) which is a sulfate and paraben free shampoo and I loved the smell. I then used the Honey Child Honey Hair Mask ($10.00) which sat on my hair for 30 minutes as instructed. After washing that out I used the My Honey Child Jamaica Island Conditioner($10.00) and allowed it to sit on my hair for 10 minutes. When all of that was said and done I could already smell how wonderfully my hair was scented but I had no idea what it would look like in the morning. Of course I air dried my hair in rollers and after removing them this morning I can report that my hair is SHINY (you all know I love that) bouncy and it smells so good.
I love this stuff!!!!
Have you used any My Honey Child products, orange peel power or Giovanni products that you love? Let me here from you on this lovely Friday people.
Oh and don't forget that Tyler Perry's new movie The Family that Preys is in theaters TODAY. I know I will be watching!
*UPDATE* I know I'm late but I will post my Fashion Week experience next week.
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B said...

Now why you didn't tell anyone you were going to Fashion Week. Hehehe....look at you PJD!! Can't wait to hear about your experience. As for this product---it doesn't sound too bad. LOL @ the human waste description. I died on that one.

I'm still too lazy to venture out there with hair products but you are convincing me otherwise. Have a great weekend!

Just_Wondering said...

Oh I'm so gonna buy this over the weekend! Great Review!

Amina said...

I heard mixed reviews about myhoney but it is still in my wishlist....
have fun at the fashion week

Tami said...

Did you try it on your face yet? I'm very interested to see how that works out.

I'm on a budget now and you are no good for me!!!! :-)

Product Junkie Diva said...

@B I still didnt post the pics...gee whiz for busy weeks. Hopefully I can get them up tonight for tomorrow. It is good to venture out every now and then...give it a try you may like it. :-)
@J Wondering please tell me how you like it.
@Amina yes I heard mixed reviews also but i had to try it for myself and when I emurged with beautiful hair, I was However things work differently for different people so you never know.
@Tami.I did not try it on my face yet but I will soon. See I'm actually helping your budget because this is a multi purpose product so you can get more bang for your
thanks for reading everyone

Anonymous said...

Hello "Product Junkie Diva" Love your name btw. Why? b/c I'm a PJD too LOL. My friends & mom say I have a problem, that's how bad I am & how much time & money I spend buying hair products. N-e-who, I just wanted to let u know I ordered & use myhoney child products & I have no complaints. I own the bannana cream conditioner, Olive You Deep Conditioner, sweet almond hair milk & the honeynutt cond. I LOVE the bananna cream & the Olive You deep cond, I love the way they both smell & that they are all natural :). I use the Olive You cond as my pre-poo, very moisturzing. I use the almond hair milk during the wk & I like that too, it's very watery thou so its not heavy at all. I also use & a big fan of aubrey organic products :)

Hope my review of the myhoney child products was insightful! O and I have relaxed, fine hair, little bit passed my shoulders. I wash & deep cond, my hair once a wk.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Lauren Thanks so much for your review I appreciate it. I have a bunch of My Honey Child products with the tape on it because I just didn't get to test them all but i will get there soon. I also have another shipment on its way that includes afrokino, the banana condish you mentioned and about 10 other that company. As for Aubry I just picked up ( about 2 weeks ago) the hineyuckle shampoo and condish but I haven't used that yet...I will though because I have heard great things about that company.
Yay I'm so excited that another pjD is in the house :-)
Thanks so much for reading.