Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Count me in on opening day!

Not beauty related but this is a movie that I NEED to see this Fall. The new Tyler Perry flick, The Family That Preys, is jam packed with acting heavy weights.

For those who dislike the Madea character, it does not look like she will make an appearance in this movie.
Which Tyler Perry movie is your favorite?
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Just_Wondering said...

I really love anything that Tyler Perry does. I'm not really into the TV show because I always miss it and the 1st couple of shows were not as great. I heard it's gotten better though!

His live plays are awesome and my favorite movie will always be A Diary of A Mad Black Woman. I feel like because it was his first he really put his all into it (not that he doesn't do it with the others) But for something new I think it was FABULOUS! I loved it a lot!

I will be going to see whatever he does!

Great Post! lol

B said...

Girl..what do you mean this isn't beauty-related? It most certainly is. I can't wait to see this either!! Like just_wondering, I'm not a fan of the show but I have loved every single one of his movies and plays. I just love to see positive Black people on a screen. Does my heart good. "Why Did I get Married" the movie was seriously the best thing ever!

antithesis said...

i did not care too much for any tyler perry movie other than Why Did I Get Married. that is the only one i would consider adding to my movie collection. im a little undecided about this new one but it's very likely that i will check it out because i am a movie addict and i like to support Black films especially if they have the potential to be quality.

laughing808 said...

I'm having a hard time deciding which of his movies is my favorties. It's a toss up between Daddy's Girls and Why Did I get Married.

I loved all of his plays. Although I probably won't see the new one touring now entitled: THE MARRIAGE COUNSELOR

And I his new one is a must see for me. I love the cast and the storyline.

♔Jaimie said...

Daddy's Little girls was really good, i loved it

Anonymous said...

I sooooo can't wait to see this! It's good that he's bringing "other" characters on the screen.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@ Everyone I enjoyed the films you mentioned also. Why did I get married is my favorite to date but I do have Daddy's little girls on DVD. I am looking forward to this flick.
@laughing I didnt hear about the marriage counselor. thanks
@Jewells I so agree.

TravelDiva said...

I have to go with Why did I get Married? It was well acted with a complex script, and still maintained Perry's humor.

yummy411 said...

i love all of his stuff. why did i get married, i'll say just because it's recent but i also love daddy's little girls.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@TravelDiva & Yummy yes Why did i get married is a movie that so many people enjoyed, even those who were not impressed with his other films. That was a stand out film indeed although I enjoyed his other work also.
thanks for reading/watching :-)
Product Junkie DIva