Thursday, July 24, 2008


You know that if I like a product I need to get the largest bottle/tube available, so here is my large Dry Remedy Masque which I purchased yesterday for $35.00. I placed the two tubes side by side to give you a comparison shot. The larger tube is 8.5 ounces and the smaller version is only 4.2 oz for $26.00.
I only wish Aveda would make an even larger Dry Remedy Masque.
Oh and for those who did not read Brownee's response in my first Dry Remedy section, she is indeed correct that the Dry Remedy line is replacing the Sap Moss line. I spoke to an Aveda specialist yesterday and she said this new Dry line has more moisturizing properties than the sap moss line so this is an UPGRADE.


antithesis said...

i'm always afraid to buy things in the largest size even if i have tried and liked them. it just seems as if my hair and skin get used to porducts and they become no longer as effective and i have to try something else.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I know what you mean. In previous posts I think we both discussed a product that stopped working for us if I remember correclty it was the clinique moisturizing lotion. It certainly happens which is probably one reason why I am a product junkie but since it doesn't happen to me with all products then I will take a chance.
Product Junkie Diva

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Antithesis Part 2
Aren't you special...your comment caught the eye of an Aveda specailist who has a very though provoking response to our issue regarding products that won't continue to work over a period of time. Here is the response:"Aveda’s products are naturally derived from flower and plant essences, rather than petro chemicals that strip the hair of it’s natural oils, you can continue to use Aveda products for an endless period and it won’t change the internal or external structure of the hair. Our products are specifically designed to be able to use them endlessly for that reason. It’s when you use products with synthetic fragrances/aromas and petro chemicals/parabens that it alters the makeup of your hair and hair follicle, which causes the need to change products after a while."
This makes total sense to me, because I really don't recall facing this issue with pure/natural products...hummmm now this has me wanting to always use natural products. One thing I can say is that reading the back of an Aveda label makes me a pretty happy gal because I understand immediately what just about every ingredient is. Many natural ingredients may lead to life long results...I'm intrigued.
Thanks Aveda for offering this sound reasoning.

brownee said...

Hi Diva,

Okay, I finally used the Dry Remedy Conditioner and Im ust say: It can't compare to Sap Moss. It can't even see it! Lol

Not saying it isn't a good enough product. I will use this tube I have; but I will be looking for something new in the meantime.

Any suggestions Diva (and fellow PJD blog readers)??

brownee said...

Actually there are places that offer discontinue products. Anyone who knows of a source where I can get my hands on the Sap Moss line (the conditioner in particular) LET A SISTAH KNOW!!! :-)

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Brownee Say it ain't OK so you used the dry rememdy conditioner only...hummm I wish you could get the dry rememdy masque. So you got more moisture from the sap moss? I use the sap moss only for my pre poo now because I find the rememdy to be superior..If I find a place selling sap moss I will let you know.

Anonymous said...

Diva, I know I've tols ya before, my hair is natural. And I was actgually able to wrap my hair while wet after usinf The Sap!

My coils ad curls would hang down. This Dry Remedy stuff moisturiaes, but nothing spectaular. Nothing a million other products don't deliver.


Product Junkie Diva said...

@brownee wow it sounds like that sap moss really delivered for you. So what are you using now?