Friday, July 25, 2008

Save a dime!

My sister is currently stretching her relaxer and she wanted to make her hair as soft as possible so I decided to give her an avocado hair mask. This was my first time making the mask so I am by no means a professional. I had always heard that avocados are great for softening the hair so I wanted to give it a shot. After watching the video you will see what I used to make this easy mask.
I found this neat link online that has a list of simple avocado recipes. The recipes mentioned are not for hair alone, you can also find recipes for puffy eyes, rough hands and other problem areas. I have more avocado left so I will try some of these recipes.
The second video is of Tracyee from K.I.S.S., in her video she created a protein hair treatment.
Although I am a product junkie I do recognize that not everything has to come from a store. In fact some stores charge outrageous prices for items that we could really make ourselves.

Do you have any "do it yourself" products that you make to save money?
P.S. Tracyee also has a KISS social network that you can join for free to communicate with others while on your hair journey. A great deal of information is given out on that site, see what is offered and make it work for you!!!


Therapeutic Musings said...

I have become an at home chemist! I have homemade concoctions for: my pre-poo treatment, my deep conditioner, my face wash, toner, feet/leg exfoliator, and face masks. It really has gotten out of hand my bathroom looks like a kitchen now :) That doesn't stop me though, this weekend I'm going to make myself a face moisturizer. I do it myself not really to save money, but because it helps me find what works best for me. It's my own custom line!

Traycee said...

Product Junkie Diva....

Thank you ... You are truly a beautiful person with a beautiful spirit... You made me smile this morning...Thanks for the email and the plug...


sophiebutterscotch said...

Myaonaisse in the hair has the same effect as avocado because they both contain alot of protien :)

B said...

"In fact some stores charge outrageous prices for items that we could really make ourselves."

Sista, you ain't neva lied. Can't remember the last time I've purcahsed a hair product, body wash or lotion....(make-up don't count..LOL!) I love makin' things at home. Homemade concoctions are so much better on our bodies. Definitely checking out those sites this weekend. Have a great one!

TravelDiva said...

That's interesting actually. I swear you're a jack of all trades!

Amina said...

I'll be checking out those websites too..i love whipping up products
i heard avocado is great for hair..but i'd rather use avocado oil than fresh avocadoes because i loove them so much...especially with bread...yummy!!

Just_Wondering said...

LOL@ Amina I just finished eating some avocado and was laughing because I'd be eating some before making a concotions! Ya'll are better then me! I don't think I have the patience with the schedule I keep! But I'll look back on this post when I'm reminded of it as I shop for products in the stores

James Tubman said...

you got anything natural for making hair thick and healthy again

and something to grow it back so i can know ahead of time lol

Dominican Enigma said...

I'm loving this ! you know how I feel abou coconut and avocado!!!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

@TM Please feel free to share your concoctions with us :-)I would love to learn more about your moisturizer.
@Tracyee -thanks. You deserve it.
@Sophiebutterscoth- yes protein is key. I saw an even better avocado mask on your tube I will have to link it one of these days.
@B somehow I knew you wouldn't count
@Travel thanks
@Amina-it is hard when food doubles as hair
@JustWondering..let us know how it works out if you make anything.
@JamesTubman here is a link to a post I did recently on PURE aloe vera juice, i also liked to another blog that spoke about it. The aloe juice is supposed to stimulate the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Also 100% pure rosemary oil is great for stimulating the follicles to keep that hair growth going.
@DE thanks. Yes coconuts are great also.
Thanks for reading everyone