Monday, July 28, 2008

Product Watch

There are a few products that I have my eye on, some I will purchase and others I just want to bring to your attention.
The first product is the new Givenchy mascara called Phenomen' Eyes Mascara. Check out the this unique mascara wand. Although the wand looks tiny it is supposed to grip even the shortest lashes from the root and fan them out. Cost- $27

Sephora is now selling the Lash Stash. Seven mini mascaras from companies like Too Faced, Stilla, Smashbox are included in a kit for your sampling pleasure. Cost-$28.Coming SOON-Sephora has teamed up with OPI to bring beautiful nail polish shades to Sephora shelves.
Which products do you have your eye on?


Amina said...

adding that set in my wishlist!!
the givenchy mascara has a unique blush!!

Anjela @ BlaqVixenBeauty said...

Hmm, I think Sephora should do this more often, especially with lip glosses, bronzers and blush. I'm going to see if I can get my bf to buy it for me! :)

B said...

You know your fellow mascara junkie is going to be checking out everythoing! Amina and I are on probation so I have to make wise decisions. That ball mascara is soooo cool. A beauty blogger just did a review on it so I have to check it out now.

justme said...

i want that givenchy mascara. i seen it in a mag and i fell in love. its pretty pricey if you just want to try it and you prob can test the true effects at like sephora or something because of that unique wand

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Amina yes that givenchy is the most unique brush I have ever seen.
@Anjela welcome to the blog. Yes if Sephora could offer more packages it would be a great way to test out many products.
@B yes I am intrigued.
@Justme I just can't test out makeup in the store, the thought that someone else has used it creeps me out, but I want that mascara too.
thanks for reading

TravelDiva said...

That nail polish seems hot. This is not make up related, but Ashley Stewart's Butterfly Bra inspired by Jill Scott--it's on back order for 6 weeks, which makes me want it even more!

Product Junkie Diva said...

@traveldiva back order for 6 weeks...say WHAT??? lol I saw the commercial and I heard Jill talking about the new bra. Let me know how you like it, it seems like the hot new item.

TravelDiva said...

Will do. I was so mad when I placed my order and the said 6 weeks....