Sunday, January 8, 2012

The 2011 IT LIST

Hello Everyone
Here are the products that sent me straight to heaven in 2011.

This is the first year that I have really taken a plunge into the pool of eyeshadows so the two companies that stood out from the pack are....
Inglot Cosmetics- the eyeshadows are super pigmented and the gel eyeliners are pigmented and waterproof.
Tarte Cosmetics made me melt when I tried on their super silky Amazonian gel eyeliners. I later learned that their powered shadows are pigmented and vibrant.
Eyeshadow Primer- Too Faced Shadow Insurance (review coming soon)
Lip Gloss
  • Fruit Punch scented Liploucious (from Bath and Body Works) (mini review coming soon)
  • Maybelline Baby lips (in the flavor cherry me)- the grape flavor (not so much) review coming soon
  • Sephora brand paraben free super nourishing lip balm
Lip Scrub- Lush brand lip scrub
Hair (in no particular order)
Conditioners - I think it's about time I put together a new deep conditioner favorites list!!!
**Curl Junkie- Banana Hibiscus deep conditioner (very late 2011 edition- but I can already tell I like this baby)
Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious locs hair mask ( I was reunited with this mask in 2011)
Darcy's Botanicals deep moisture mask (a staple which has been on my go to for at least 2 years now.)
Flat Iron- Hanna (review coming soon)
honorable mention (Sultra flat iron)
My shampoos from last year still stand as my go to shampoos (the 2010 list will be linked below)
Leave in Conditioner
Ph balanced leave in conditioner from Naturalista (this product will be reviewed later and it needs a FULLLL review and explanation)

Black cherry scented whipped lotion (the moisturizing formula is not as long lasting on my skin but the scent is divine)

Whole Truth Solutions- (I like so many but specifically raw honey and oats, sapone, and lemon sense)
Lush porridge soap

Skin care
ClickR (cleanser, moisturizers for day and night and the serum)
Whole Truth solutions masque

Nail Polish
Although I still like OPI (except for my opi shatter which went goopy) and Essie, there were two polish companies that dominated my collection in 2011.
Nail Polish remover- Zoya brand. The zoya brand polish remover does not dry out my nails but it removed my polishes easily.
To remove glitter polish I love the 100% acetone polish remover (The CVS brand)

Here is the link to my 2010 IT List since many of the products that I loved then followed me into 2011.
What were your IT products for 2011?

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Maven said...

Good comprehensive list. I definitely like Zoya polishes. I love Butter London colors. But I got the Wallis color and it chipped quickly. My fave conditioner right now, hands down is Shea Moisture Organic Black Soap Balancing Conditioner. LOVE. Because of you I am going to try Darcy's Botanicals, which I am being planning to do for a year now. I definitely will link to your picks for shampoos. I like the Creme of Nature Argan Oil shampoo but will try some others for comparisons. Good list. Will definitely check some of these out.