Thursday, January 5, 2012

NOTW -Black Knight- Limited Edition

This is the $14 limited edition Butter London lacquer named Black Knight. It is a black base lacquer with fine colored glitters mixed into the polish. You can get away with one coat of this polish simply because it is a bit on the thick side, so you are applying a good amount with just one application. However, I am wearing two coats in this post and I am wearing a top coat in the picture above. Unlike other glitter polishes this one features more than one color of glitter. Black , pink, blue and silver glitter is packed into this lacquer for added beauty.

The above picture was taken after I applied my second coat but before I applied my top coat. The flash of the camera added a bit of shine to my nails but to me, it needed a top coat for added shine.
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Mrs Count said...

That's such a pretty color! I just bought 4 glitter polishes yesterday, I see I'm not the only one feeling sparkles right now

justme said...

this is really pretty. how do you get that glitter polish off? is it difficult?

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Mrs C.Yes we are both in the glitter mood.

Hey Justme- thanks- I use 100% acetone remover from CVS. It is very drying on the nails but nothing quite removes glitter like 100% acetone. For all other regular polishes, I use my zoya nail polish remover.

socialitedreams said...

gah, it's soooo pretty