Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Glide with me & HOA

The maxiglide is a device that can be used to straighten your hair. I do not like the little comb with teeth (pictured on the left) that was in the maxiglide so I replaced it with a flat plate, which is similar to what you would see on a flat iron (pictured on the right). I put a heat protectant on my bang and slid the maxglide across my hair. The maxiglide is not supposed to be closer than 3 inches away from your scalp. I think the device works, the section of my bang where I used the maxiglide was indeed silky soft and straight. The maxiglide, unlike the miniglide has a heat control dial (pictured below)which will allow you to increase or reduce the amount of heat applied to your hair.

The left side of the bang is the area where I used the maxiglide, the right side is the area that has not been touched by the maxiglide. I used a very low setting (I think I was on the second dot) and it was pretty hot in my book. There are about 4 dots then you see the number 5 then a few more dots and the final level of heat is 10. I will do a real maxiglide review soon, with video but I just wanted to show a pic since some people were wondering about this product. Is anyone out there using the maxiglide?
Housewives Central

You know we have to chat it up about the Housewives of Atlanta. I will just throw a few things out there:
1)Deshawn's charity event which barely raised any money (sigh). (Her husband appears to be very kind). Did she really have flyers for her event at the mall?????? I hope not.
2)The fact that Sheree purchased shoes totaling over 6000 last episode yet it appears as if she left the charity event empty handed.
3)Kim ....enough said
Do you think the friendship between Kim and Sheree will last? How many times did Kim say Sheree is beautiful? Aside from soaking in the compliments I think Sheree it totally bored by Kim.


Just_Wondering said...

I can't wait for you to try this out on your entire head! I want to see the results! I may try it also if you give it the green light.

MakeupByRenRen said...

uhh kim gets on my nerves, such a backstabber...they keep saying how she's 29...she looks to be in her mid 30's though...not a good thing

laughing808 said...

Ummmm I can't believe Deshawn didn't plan better then she did......even I wouldn't have put invitations out in the local malls and what not......and she had it at her house? I can see if she didn't want to sell tickets, but she should have made it abit more exculsive by invitation and RSVP only.

And as far as how much she took in, why didn't her friends give? Between the 4 friends, she should have had at about 20k.

Kim got on my nerves with complimenting Sheere like she was trying to get with her or something.......

James Tubman said...

some freaks out there might use that first product for something else lmao


Anonymous said...

I have always heard a lot of naturals rave about the Maxiglide. I have yet to try it. Can never seem to find it. Maybe when my pockets get thick again, I will finally give it a try.

As for as Atl Housewives:

Kim looks like she's in her 40's, but acts like she's in her teens. That weave is awful.

Deshawn did not plan well at all. Poor thing.

As bad as NeNe is, she was there for Deshawn the whole time. Shows she does have some good qualities.

justme said...

i have a maxiglide. i do like the way it straightens but i dont like the fact that mine sometimes has a burnt odor and i dont even use it on high.

thanks for the housewives updates since i cannot see it for myself right now

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Just Wondering since I am stretching until December I think I will do my whole head in either mid Nov. or early Dec.
Ren I but I think Kim look lik elate 30's.
You are in ATL check her out in person and let us know what she looks like up close..LOL just kidding.
Laughing yes but hopefully she learned her lesson. Now I certainly feel more money should have come in. In fact NeNe's friend had a great game plan, by suggesting that they sell tickets etc.
James...what am I going to do with you? Do you watch Housewives?
Jewells I will do more on the Maxiglide soon. Yes Kim's wig / weave is a
Justme...YES thanks so much I forgot to mention that smell. i was checking my outlet and laptop to see where it was coming from then I said it must be that MAXIGLIDE. thanks I will post on that.
Have a great weekend everyone.