Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lemons please & Other News

I enjoy the scent of a lemons as long as I dont have a heavy scent of citurs tagging along. In essence I don't mind smelling like a lemon but I can do without smelling like the skin of a lemon. HPO Spa Treatment created the perfect soap for me, because it is a delighfully delicious lemon scented bar soap. Over the summer I confessed that I prefer liquid body washes over bar soap, but this little baby just may change my mind. Firstly, I could not stop sniffing the $7.00 Lemon Body bar which cleansed my skin without making it feel like rubber. The soap is infused with shea butter, honey, coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil and I really like this soap.
Hair News
My last touch up was at the very end of August and I am going to stretch my relaxer until the end of December.....I think..lol. Let's see if I make it that long.
I have added a few co washes to the mix to keep my new growth extra soft.
I was asked to post my hair regimen so here is my very simple weekly process.
I will wash my hair at least once a week (no less than once a week). I do alternate between various hair products but they are all sulfate and paraben free so I don't feel guilty about bouncing between brands.
Now that I am trying to stretch until December I am co washing at least once a week,( some weeks I co wash twice in the week). I co wash with the conditioner of my choice I usually make that determination based on what I want my hair to smell like. I will also moisturize my hair daily. Currently I am using My Honey Child products to moisturize my hair (I alternate my moisturizing routine between the aloe leave in, coconut milk and honey love - I didn't post on the last two yet).
I try to make sure that I am not washing my hair consistently with a protein conditioner so I try to alternate with moisturizing products.
If you need any more hair info please let me know.
Most of you already know that both the Frugalista and $ out of 15 cents are the two wonderful bloggers on my blogroll whose posts I love to read. They give me my financial news straight up with a side of wisdom and I love it.
I am pleased to introduce another financial blogger, The Discount Trendsetter. Your host D. Gully will talk to you about everything from saving money at the grocery store, to buying inexpensive beauty products. She also has many youtube videos posted so go ahead and click her link in the blogroll section.


Phyllis Bourne said...

Just checked out Discount Trendsetter's site, and I love it!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back diva!!! Hahaha ok so omg! My last touch-up was in August too (in the beginning of the month) and I 2 also plan on getting my next relaxer in Dec. probably in the beginning or middle of month, maybe even longer if I can manage it. I used to always stretch my relaxers every 4 to 5 months & my hair was doing great, better than ever actually. I can't get relaxers every month or every 6 or 8 wks like sum girls do, thats way 2 soon 4 my hair. I already planned/wrote down my whole hair regiemn schd. for next yr where I plan on getting relaxers only twice to 3x a year. My hair regiemn is similar to urs, I always wash my hair once a wk and days i don't wash I moisturize w/ leave in condish & creams (even some reg condish like AO 1s) & I am so using Myhoney child hair products. I changed my mind about the conconut milk, I actually love it now lol, a little goes a long way 4 me, i use it as my selant bc its not 2 heavy or greasey 4 me. So yea, I'd buy it again although this 1 will last me a long time. Most of the products I'm using are pretty safe as well.

Anonymous said...

O its not the Myhoneychild coconut milk I have, I have the Sweet almond hair milk 1 and I love it!

Amina said...

thanks for sharing your regimen with us...i need to jump on myhoneychild bandwagon...
need to finish up some products though!

Unknown said...

i found fabulousfinancials thru going through your links to others websites so i want to inadvertently thank you and i hope i like this site as well

Product Junkie Diva said...

PBW Glad you like her site :-)
Lauren thanks. Look at you, you have written down your hair schedule..I see someone is really focused..lol WOW a relaxer 2x or 3x a year sounds great, I wonder if I could ever stretch that way...maybe I will give it a try. I have to check one of the bottles I didn't open yet but I dont think I have the sweet almond product...gotta check that out..lol It sounds like the coconut milk is very similar because it is not greasy at all either.
Just me..glad I could help either directly or indirectly..lol I hope you like the new site too. SHe also has some very nice youtube videos. Oh and you are into fashion and she is a celebrity stylist so that may appeal to you as well.
Thanks for reading everyone.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina Yes I have learned that these products are not going anywhere so take your time.no need to stock pile products like I do, you will find that you won't have neugh space for it anyway..sigh.