Thursday, October 16, 2008

Men Want It!

I went to an Aveda store recently to get another tube of the Dry Remedy masque, and while there I saw men clamoring for the latest items from the new Aveda collection for men.
The line includes the Aveda Men Pure-Formance Aroma spray, a candle and Aveda Men Firm Hold Gel. The first thing that I noticed is that the gel is super light and not sticky at all so I wondered how well it would really work. I passed if off to a pal of mine and he gave the product two thumbs up. He said it works really well at keeping his hair in place yet it does not make his hair hard, in fact it doesn’t even look like he has a product in his hair. The $20.00 honey infused gel also contains uva/uvb protectors to guard against sun damage. The spicy scent of the hair gel comes from the essential oils of spearmint, citrus, vetiver and lavender.
I passed the cologne off to another friend and he quickly realized that the Pure-Formance spray was unlike the other scents that are in his current collection. I have to say that the product really smelled good on him. I know that the chemistry of an individuals body may play a part in the way a cologne smells, but this particular item really worked for him. I would describe the scent as woodsy which is probably because of the vertiver oil. The spray contains organic oils of lemon, orange, spearmint, lavender and vetiver. The plai oil used in this product was hand harvested and grown pesticide free in Thailand.
The spray is priced at $65.00.
P.S. Even the packaging that these products arrive in are made from recycled paper and the decorative designs on the cartons are made of soy ink.
I kept the candle for myself.
I guess this is the latest buzz on the market for men.
Which gifts for men do you have your eyes on?


MakeupByRenRen said...

wow that's interesting how it seems like they formulated it to mix with the chemistry of'd probably smell completely different on us

Anonymous said...

murad for men is pretty cool too, the cleansing cream is popular. if you fella suffers from razor bumps and dry skin, use barc shaving cream and razor bump lotion.

Paula said...

Some good gift ideas here thanks. I have also found a website called Presents For Men which specialise in various unique gifts for men and also cater for women and children too. its has certainly made shopping for my husband less of a headache.

James Tubman said...


i dont normally put anything in my hair

i wash it out with peppermint oil

that is a strong product so you should be careful

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Ren I think you are right.
@dysfucntionalchick thanks for the suggestion.
@James thanks for the suggestions/tips.