Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Tube Around Your What?

So there I was just minding my own business while cruising through CVS when I caught sight of a NEW mascara claiming to lengthen lashes by 80%. We have all come across such promises before so I was not impressed by that alone, but I did pick up the package to continue reading. It was then that I read about this new beauty technology, a mascara formula that would encapsulate your lashes in a tube! I was doubtful but decided to purchase the $9.99 Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tube Technology mascara. This product consists of a primer (step1 ) and the tube base mascara (step2). After my purchase, I thought I had been fooled by a regular mascara posing as some new cutting edge product.
However as soon as I applied the primer, my unruly lashes were separated and began acting like they had sense...I was impressed. Then I applied the mascara and my lashes were longer. 80% longer???- well I couldn't quite go that far, but my lashes were longer and they looked good. Of course I could not get in the corners as well as I could if I were using the Givenchy wand, but that's another story. The picture of my eyes shows me left eye with nothing applied and my right eye with the tube formula. The picture below shows my lashes after applying the primer. Can you tell that my lashes are separated?
Here is the final result, nice long lashes-though I am sure you see no sign of a tube.
The packaging stated that the mascara could be removed with water, when I put that to the test, I discovered the uniqueness of this product.
I did not see any tubes form around my lashes when I used water to remove the mascara. It came off very easily but the texture of what came off was different from other mascara formulas. Normally when I remove mascara it's a little flaky and I will see little flaky bits on my cotton ball. However, when I took this Loreal mascara off, it was like little pieces of rubber. So it's almost like rubber is surrounding your lashes. See this little dot in the picture on the left, well that is the mascara I removed, but look at the next picture (right), I was able to stretch it like it was a rubber band. I think this is what took me by surprise the most. In the end my lashes did look good, so I was pleased.

My perfect mascara would probably include the Givenchy Phenomen wand and the formula can either be Colossal mascara or this Loreal Double Extend beauty tube technology (mainly because of the way it really separated my lashes).What's your perfect mascara?


B said...

So you liked this mascara, uh? It just didn't work well for me....my lashes were all crunchy. I wish I could take it back but I lost my receipt. LOL! That Givenchy wand is craziness. I love that thing!

Therapeutic Musings said...

I'm not having much success with mascara lately. Colossal makes my eyes itch and the other products end up making me look like a raccoon by the end of the day. Maybe I need to try this rubber tube...

SuzieC said...

I have mixed feelings about this. I like it it but feel it should be paired with something else to give it a little extra boost. Nothing compares to my Max Factor Volume Couture, that's my HG!

Amina said...

ok...i really need to try this
I've just had mixed experiences with Loreal mascara and just stick to Maybelline

Anonymous said...

Well, I tried it and I was disappointed with the results. It felt like a dry, tacky, mess! I'm returning it to CVS today. The only new mascara I’ve tried with good results is:

Cover Girl: Lash Exact Waterproof
I give this on a 4 bc it held 3 coats little clumping.

Jane: Hi-fiber Waterproof
I give it a 3-1/2 bc it is nice and cheep, $2-$3.
It can take only 2 coats before it begins to clump.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a commercial for this product, thanks for intriguing my interest in this mascara. I may have to give it a try. Do you thinks it's similar to fake lashes?

Product Junkie Diva said...

@B That's funny B, see my lashes were nice and soft...maybe I just got a good tube..lol Loved your Givenchy review.
@TM I wonder if the Givenchy Phenomen wand would work best for you. If you find something that doesn't make you itch please let me know.
@Suziec I have yet to try Max factor mascara, actually I have the Max factor clear mascara but not a tube of color.
@Amina I say stick with what works well for you, some brands just don't do it for some people. I hope you find your perfect mascara!
@ Anonymous, thanks for the reviews. I like lash exact also.
@nai nai no I don't think it is similar to fake lashes ( I have yet to put on my only pair of fake lashes..lol) so let me say I dont think it is comparable to what fake lashes would look like, but it does give me nice length and volume. I think any mascara with a primer will help to give you length.
thanks for reading everyone.

yummy411 said...

whew! loreal didn't make into the skip it files LOL! i use another favorite mascara OVER the double application.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yummy..lol I wouldnt buy it again just because I have other mascaras that are better but I didn't want to throw it into the skip it files because it did make my lashes look longer. It wasnt on the list of the worst mascaras so i cut Loreal some slack..lol