Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey Brown Sugar

Whether I'm mixing up a batch of my brown lemonade or preparing one of my signature sauces brown sugar is often a secret ingredients. As a kid, I remember touching the raw sugar and allowing those rough brown cubes to slide between my fingers. I can now relive those memories through their new Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah body scrub. The $34.00, 12 oz scub is made from brown sugar, and some of the oils include almonds, apricots, grape seeds and vitamin E. The scrub has a delicious chocolate and honey scent.
I really like this scrub and I would get it again if I don't attempt to make my own version at home.

Dead Ringer
I know I am not the only person who has walked down the aisle of a drugstore and placed an item in your basket only to realize it is not the item you intended to pick up. Stores have become very clever when it comes to creating a product that mirrors a popular product on the market. The store brand is even packaged the same way to catch any customer who is not paying close attention.
I was almost fooled when I went to pick up the Vaseline Cocoa Butter gel which I posted on in the past, but instead I had actually picked up the CVS version of this product. When I reviewed the lables I noticed that the CVS brand also has almond oil and a very similar scent for $2.00 less. I decided to buy the CVS brand and guess what-- the product is just as good. Seriously, there is no noticable difference between the two products, I feel a switch coming on.
Which store brand products rival popular name brand products?


B said...

That CD scrub looks divine. But you're can definitely be done at home. I feel that way about most, if not all of Carol's Daughter's products.

LOL, I used to work at walgreens once upon a time and customers would always purchase Walgreens brand products on accident b/c the packaging looked so much like the name-brand. Truth is--they both contain the same active ingredients so it makes sense that they would work JUST as good, if not better. ;) Have a wonderful Monday!

antithesis said...

i have no problem using the store brand if it's significantly cheaper. if it's like .50 less, i go ahead and get the name brand. honestly, i cannot think of a time when the store brand was not just as good or better than the name brand. you're just paying for the name. same product.

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh heck yah i got a lot of generic items...unless it has to do with hair conditioners and shampoos...i'm kinda particular with that...everything else i try the generic

The Frugalista Files said...

Girl, the store brand got me on some maxi pads. Surprisingly, I didn't have a problem with them. Drugstores are tre clever.

Have a great holiday!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love anything that contains brown sugar!! I love CVS brands!

brownee said...

What Antithesis said! lol

Product Junkie Diva said...

@B it feels divine also. Yes I think I will be moving more and more toward good store brands.
@Antithesis I agree
@Ren yes I am particular with hair products also.
@Frugalista glad that worked out for I still had to work so no day off for me...sigh.
@BGG i like cvs and the target brand.
Hey Brownee
thanks for reading everyone.

Traycee said...

I love nightmoth I wear mine a lot with a MAC lipstick called Dark Side...

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thx Tracyee Dark side looks nice.

yummy411 said...

pjd: have you stumbled upon the CD product look a likes in CVS? brown labels and all ... it's called something like carol's desire or something like that!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yummy the first time I saw it I was passing through the aisle and I said WHATTTTT CD is now sold at CVS. I mean that other company even uses the came color for the fonts and they made the letter C very similar to the CD "c". Then after properly reding the label I said oooh they almost had me