Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The new Vaseline

When you hear the company name Vaseline, images of thick petroleum jelly being slathered on your face and legs by your mother probably spring to mind.
Vaseline has a new sleek line, known as Vaseline Cocoa butter which includes a thick cocoa butter scented lotion and a cocoa butter body gel. Both products work well to soften the skin and provide you with a silky smooth feeling.
However, the lotion leaves your skin with a little glow for a very short period of time while the gel formula has real staying power. The gel will keep your skin glowing for a much longer period of time.
Hint (Sometimes I will add a little unrefined coconut oil to the lotion to keep the shine effect going)
I actually purchase both products regularly because they work so well.
The large bottle of lotion is priced at $7.99, while the smaller tube is generally priced around $3.99.
The gel formula is priced at $7.39 for 6.3 ounces.
What do you think of this product?


Bronze Bombshell said...

I have the regular lotion, but I tried the gel on my hands once and I really liked it. I had a nice healthy sheen on my hands and the softness stayed through a cooking session and multiple hand washings.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I like to get different opinions on a product! Glad to know you liked this product as well.It certainly does give a gorgeous glow!
Product Junkie Diva

Anonymous said...

What are the ingredients?
I'm allergic to cones and would like to try my hand at making my own.

Product Junkie Diva said...

HIII Anonymous,
I am not at all ignoring your post, I will check out the ingredients and post it tonight for you.
Product Junkie Diva

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hi Anonymous here is the ingredients list for the gel cocoa butter product:
mineral oil,hydrogenated styrene/Butadiene Copoymer, Bertholletia Excelsa (Brazil Nut)seed oil, Prunus Ammygdalus Dulcis (sweet almond oil), fragrance.
That's it... if you make a healthier duplicate of this product please let me know.
Product JUnkie Diva

Shawniece Pinckney said...

Ahhhhh this is a staple in my shower! The only thing I hate is that it it runs out so fast and I only use it in 'trouble' spots. They should definitely consider making it in larger sizes. And thanks for the CVS head's up, I will buy that one from now on so that I won't feel guilty about using ALOT at a time. Thanks.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Sbear welcome to the blog. Yes the cvs brand not only has the same scent but it has the exact ingredients as the vaseline brand. In fact the ingriedients are listed in the same order so the product is identical. I'm surprised CVS can get away with that..lol
Thanks for reading