Friday, January 25, 2008

Couture for your lips......

I was very excited in 2007 when I learned that Keisha Whitaker ( wife of actor Forest Whitaker) along with famed makeup artist Aj Crimson teamed up to produce Kissable Couture. The name alone made me want to try their lip glosses. Instead of traditional names like "fire red", or "mango madness" this duo decided to name each lip gloss after a memorable man in Keisha's life, which I thought was very unique. I purchased David, the sandy brown colored lip gloss pictured in this post.

Although it appears as if the lip gloss gets darker toward the bottom of the tube, it does not, the dark color is actually the design on the tube itself.

All Wrapped Up
I just have to take a moment out to discuss the packaging of this product. When I received my order it was packed in the cutest little black bag with a black ribbon attached and the company name "Kissable couture" across the front of the bag. I excitedly opened the bag to find a ribbon tied black box with the name Kissable Couture and once opened, it revealed a thin Kissable Couture sleeve that covered the lip gloss. Needless to say by the time you get to the actual product there is no way that you could forget the company name. The packaging was really pretty and could easily be given to someone as a gift.

Final Result
It has a smooth application but other than that it is your standard lip gloss.
I think this is a nice product, not outstanding just nice.
I will just mention that the cover of my lip gloss came off as I was opening the tube, fortunately due to their commitment to fine packaging, there was an additional cover underneath and the original cover slid back on effortlessly so no worries
Priced at $22 I would purchase this product as a gift for someone or for myself if they were to introduce some extraordinary colors.
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Anonymous said...

Love your reviews because they save me money. I will be sure to save mine in this case since it is not extraordinary.

I do like the idea of the names they came up with. I was also attracted to the tubing=)

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks Jewells.
Product Junkie Diva