Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Save your dime and your time

While strolling down the beauty section of a store, I discovered a new product by Sally Hansen called Color Quick fast dry nail color pen. I purchased the color clear opal because I didn't like the other colors available. I was very excited to use this product which looks like a pen, except instead of dispensing ink you get nail enamel that dries quickly! Awesome..or so I thought. I first noticed that the bristles seemed a bit thick to apply the nail color smoothly but I pushed those thoughts aside and decided to paint my nails. As I pressed the top of the pen to dispense the color , just imagine the horror I felt as I applied what felt like thick Elmers glue to my nails. The thickness of the bristles did not allow the polish to smoothly coat my nails, so that was disappointing.
While I can appreciate the idea behind this product, I would recommend saving your money until they fix this bristle issue. I will probably try this product in the future and update this review if I have better results but for now this product is a "SKIP IT"
The product cost $7.99
Have you tried it? What did you think?

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