Monday, January 21, 2008

Econo Size IT

The Econo Size It section of this blog will be devoted to super sized products, and first up we have Ojon shampoo and conditioner. In a previous entry I mentioned how much I adore the Ojon ultra hydrating shampoo and conditioner, well you can only imagine how pleased I was to find the economy sized version on QVC (also available online only through The regular size is 8.44 ounces while the economy size is 33.4 ounces. You can spend $69.00 for the super sized shampoo or conditioner from Sephora. As an alternative, you can purchase both the shampoo and conditioner from QVC for a slightly reduced cost of $90.84 plus shipping and handling.
Check out this comparison shot to show you the difference in the size of the regular bottle and the super sized edition.
This buy is well worth the money if you like Ojon products so enjoy.....


Anonymous said...

Hi JD,

Ojon seems like a really great product. I purchased the ultra hydrating conditioner and its good BUT i can't stand the That ojon nut oil scent is WHOA! What benefits have you noticed in your hair when using Ojon's hair products?


Product Junkie Diva said...

Aww sorry you didn't like the scent. The scent of that product does not bother me, so it seems that we have a different level of tolerance when it comes to scents. In that case I would suggest that you sniff the Carols Daughter hand scrub in case you were thinking of a future purchase.(LOL) Ok back to Ojon, that ultra hydrating shampoo and conditioner has made my hair extra bouncy and silky, it does not dry my hair out like some other products. Now I must let you know that as much as I like Ojon I may be moving away from the Ojon shampoo simply because I want to move towards shampoos that are sulfate free. I am waiting on a sulfate free poo which should arrive soon and I will test it out. Also I tried another sulfate free poo and it worked really well. I think I will always turn to Ojon for the ultra hydrating conditioner even if I leave the poo in the future.
Product Junkie Diva