Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hair & Reviews to Come

I love a product with great ingredients so when I read the ingredients list for the My Honey Child styling Aid Honey Hair Milk. Take a quick look at the ingredients and you will know that there is no way I couldn't buy this product:
Soy Butter, Soy Milk, Raw Honey , Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Soy Bean oil, Corn Oil ,Distilled Water, Honey Essence Oil ..
OK so you get my point, you would buy it too wouldn't you?
The first thing I did was rip the tape off the product in order to get a good sniff. The scent alone made me close the bottle up, I really felt like putting the tape back on. I have to stress that it is not a bad scent just a very strong scent of PANCAKE SYRUP! Yup you read that correctly, good old Aunt Jemima syrup. Although I like smelling like sweet things I can do without smelling like a breakfast condiment. The consistency of this $18.00 product is very much like the Afrikoko product that I showcased in a recent video. I think the product works to moisturize your hair, and the scent doesn't stay around forever but I just can't get myself to open up that bottle again.
Is anyone out there using this product?
Maxi and Mini
I have the maxiglide and the mini glide so in an attempt to avoid unpacking the maxiglide I decided to test the mini glide. That device does not have a temperature setting so it's just HOT. I put a small section of my bang area through that mini glide then I quickly unplugged it, waited for it to cool and packed it back up. That thing was steaming and I didn't feel like subjecting my hair to that especially since ...I didn't put on a heat protectant..I know it's bad but I really did just test a very small section. I will still do a maxiglide test because that one has a setting that will allow me to control the level of heat applied to my hair. And yes I will wear a heat protectant. :-)
Growth Aid Review
I also promised to review the BeeMine growth aids which I have- they have a nice scent but man oh man are they greasy. I find myself avoiding it because it is greasy but i will do my best to use it consistently especially since I am stretching my relaxer, then I will come back with a real BeeMine review.
Other StuffDid you see the Secret Life of Bees? If so, did you enjoy the film?
I really like Sophie O. as an actress, she did a marvelous job.


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