Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mascara & Fear Not Thy Protein Treatment

About a month ago Walmart had a two for one sale so for only $5.85 I was able to get two tubes of the Loreal Voluminous Naturale mascara. While this mascara is supposed to give you tons of volume it is also supposed to keep your lashes feeling natural. Sometimes when you put on mascara, you feel it because your lashes harden. I must say that my lashes were very flexible and soft even with this mascara on my lashes. However, I would not buy this mascara again simply because I have used better products but it was not an awful product. My lashes were lengthened and they seemed to be a little fuller but it was not as dramatic as my Maybelline Colossal or the latest Givenchy mascara.
Before the Loreal mascara(left) after shot on the right.

What really prompted me to begin my revised hair journey in 2007 was the breakage that I experienced after protein overload. So while protein is necessary t o keep my hair strong I was moisturizing my hair and doing my best to ignore protein. I knew that my protein fast could not last for long and once I found the right balance between protein and moisture my hair began to thrive. A woman that I know had her hair shiny and flowing last week so I asked her what she used and she began raving about the Aphogee Protein treatment. I decided to pick it up but since it makes your hair hard and it has Professional Use Only scrawled across the back of the bottle I wanted to be extra careful. I watched a few youtube videos of women who have used the treatment and although they all seemed happy with the results I was nervous because they all stressed how carefully you need to follow directions, no shower caps on the head, don’t touch your hair while it’s hard etc. Now I posted a while back on the MOP protein treatment which did make my hair hard but from what I could tell, that treatment could not compare to the Aphogee treatment. I was intrigued so I made my purchase last weekend. The three items in the picture were sold together for $21.99. I am not experiencing any breakage but I an itching to test out this treatment. Have you used it while your hair was in good condition? If so please share your experience here.


B said...

I've always wondered about that L'Oreal Voluminous Naturale mascara. It sucks? Dang. You certainly saved me some money, chica!

Hmm....not familiar with Aphogee Protein, but keep us updated!

Traycee said...

Hey Sis...If your hair is in good condition u want to do a light protein...The 3 min Aphogee would be perfect for you as a monthly protein treament

Just_Wondering said...

How did you figure out the perfect balance you need between mosturizing and protein treatment..I never know which one to do?

what are some of the things you use for protien treatment? I will try aphogee if you think it checks out lol

PBW said...

This mascara is a fav for me, but I'm not looking for a lot of volume and length.

I've had great results with Aphogee, definitely worth a try.

MakeupByRenRen said...

hmmm the aphogee tx sounds interesting..can't wait to see your results!

Anonymous said...

I saw a video by Ateeya on Youtube do the Aphogee treatment. It made her hair something serious. I wonder if it works on natural hair.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@B I wouldn't say that it sucks but I have tried mascaras that are much better so that's why I wouldn't buy it again. It was cool, just not fabulous enough for me.
@Tracyee Thanks so much. I used that 2 minutes treatment once after I co washed but I think I need to try it again after i use a just felt like no big deal to me. I need to use it again though..thx a bunch.
@JWondering what I mean is before I understood how protein works I would not moisturize after using protein treatments etc. I was also using too much protein in some instances. In time I learned to balance that out with moisture. I have seen it described this way...if your hair is too elastic or mushy when wet you probably need more protein and if it breaks very easily you may need more moisture to keep your strands in tact.
PBW thanks
Ren I have no idea if it will ever touch my
@Jewells I did watch Ateeya's video but the first one that I watched was actually a natural who used this is her video

Joi said...

I'm scared to try anything that says do not touch or manipulate your hair or it will break off. Something about that makes me really nervous. Let me know how it goes.

The Frugalista Files said...

Update! I bought that colossal from Maybelline. It's nice. Good looking out.

Product Junkie Diva said...

yay Glad you like it frugalista!
have a great weekend.

Beautiful said...

The Aphogee 2 Step Protein is the bomb. I love this stuff. It is strong (smells like rotten eggs) but does wonders for the hair. Do the Balancing Moisturizer after doing the 2 step. It did wonders for my hair when I went to go get my relaxer. You do it every six weeks or before you get a relaxer. I love Ateeya too...She got me hooked on the entire Aphogee line.Hope it works for you too.

Lauren said...

You know I've used Aphogee before & it worked great for me (maybe b/c my hair was already damaged?) Like I said b4 in the other post it does smell bad (but I got used to it) but it works. I'm not sure if ppl need to use if their hair is already healthy & not expericening ne breakage. I guess "don't fix it if its not broken" comes into mind when I think of Aphogee, its really only for 'serverly damaged hair." Well just make sure you use/follow up w/ a nice/good moisturzing condish afterwards. I wouldn't use the Aphogee at home myself thou, I would leave it to the professionals lol but it seems like you do your hair urself. It's very messy & runny, which is y I switched using sebastains protein treatment. It works & looks the same as the Aphogee lol just w/out the bad smell lol. But healthy hair needs protein too. I agree with the others in maybe using a "milder/lighter" protein treatment like the 2 min one or maybe Motions CPR. O Aubrey organics GBP is another 1 ppl refer to as being mild too. I am currently using the sebstaians.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I may have to check out the GBP sounds interesting. Im glad that aphogee worked for you. I herd about sebastians also...I am eager to try these products. You are not helping me, I am supposed to be a mildly reformed PJ..guess not lol

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks Beautiful. I see you really like your I have the 2 step protein but I have yet to use it.

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