Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sometimes I like to switch things up a bit, so I purchased a new lip liner. Instead of always wearing chestnut I have now added MAC's Nighmoth to my collection. Nightmoth is a very deep wine and I love it. It would look great with Bing, Cyber or any other color that you like.
Here is a swatch of the color:
I am also wearing the Sally Hansen nail polish color in Alchemy, a gorgeous puprle, just right for the Fall season.
Lauren I promised I would show you a pic of some of my hairveda items so here it is. This is by no means the complete collection..lol but some of the stuff I own. One thing that I can think of that isn’t in the picture is the vatika pre poo ( I will post on that soon), the protein treatment, and other things.

P.S. I have some good posts coming up soon and a contest so stay tuned.


antithesis said...

*excited for the contest*. you are right that liner would look great with bing. also, it would look nice with decorative lipglass. i LOVE the nail color, too.

Amina said...

a contest!! YAY!!!
I've heard rave reviews about hairveda...but i need to go through 60% of my stash before getting anything new!!

Amina said...

I forgot to say that a liner I used to looove is vino from MAC.
I don't wear it anymore because I've abused it!! wearing it every single day until I got sick of it!!

Lauren said...

Thanks for your posting diva! WOW that's alot of hair products under 1 haircare line LOL. And you said you had more?? Oh my goodness lol. And you told me not to run out & buy EVERYTHING LOL. I guess you buy things in bulk which is good. I do that too sometimes. Ok well keep us posted & I'm curious about this "contest" lol.

The Frugalista Files said...

I used to wear vino lip liner. I will check out the new liner that you suggested.

MakeupByRenRen said...

nightmoth has been on my list for a while...but i just got a few black opal liners from wal-mart and i must say they are fab!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

That nail polish is to die for!! LOVE IT!!!

PBW said...

That nail polish is really flattering on you!

Will check out Nightmoth next time I'm at a MAC counter.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Antithesis yes I have seen decorative before but I am trying to keep more money in my wallet..lol
@Amina That's the way to do it Amina you are conquering your pjism. I have heard about this vino so I am going to look at it now! thx
@ Lauren yes I have like 8 Vatika jars and many other things...lol I have used things from hairveda before and that's why I knew what to order in bulk.
Hey Frugalista
@Ren I think you would like it in your collection.
@BGG thanks
PBW thanks!

B said...

Nightmoth is seriously my best friend! I think you will love it the more you use it. Great buy!

Lauren said...

Hey Diva. Is the Vatika Jar from hairveda greasy? What is the consistency of it, thick & rich or oily & thin? I'm considering purchasing it b/c it does sounds nice & you have 8 jars so you must like/love it lol. I just wanna make sure its not too heavy or greasy for my hair. Appreciate your feedback, thanks! :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

@ B I sure hope so...thanks
Lauren I know by now you have seen the psot on the vatika....it is greasy but it sure does smell good.