Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Skin Care, My New Gadget and HOA News

The line Rx for Brown Skin, by Dr. Susan Taylor is branching out to now include products for our bodies. Pictured above is the paraben free Skin Evening Body Lotion with Vanilla Citrus infusion. This lotion is supposed to hydrate your skin and promote an even skin tone. SInce I have only been using this product on and off for about two weeks all I can really post on now is the smooth texture of the product and the fact that it is well scented. It smells like a light floral perfume, nothing too heavy. I feel like my skin is hydrated after using this product but there is no shine at all, my skin looks very matte as soon as it is completely rubbed into my skin. However once you touch my skin it is very smooth. This 8 oz lotion is $25 but you get get the thick shea butter version which is smaller (6oz I believe) for$27.
Have you tried anything from the RX line yet?
My Gadget
My lastest gadget is the ipod radio device. You connect this tiny light weight device to your radio and viola you have the radio stations at your fingertips. You can use this $40 (I paid mainly with a gift card and only spent $10 out of pocket so I don't remember if it was $39.99 or $49.00 but that is the ballpark figure) devide on 5th generation ipods or the Ipod nanos.

HOA (Housewives of ATL) -Chatting Center
How funny is it that Sheree was upset that DeShawn didn't contact her directly to be a part of the charity benefit, yet she seemed to be confused when Nene was upset that Sheree didn't come outside during the fiasco at the party?
Who here likes Nene's husband? He seems really caring and supportive, she also seems a little more tame aroud him. Great match!
And ummmm did Kim say she was 29 or did my reception get messed up while she was saying 39? Not that 39 is old because it certainly is not, Kim just didnt hit me as being in her 20's I'm just
Shocker for next week-- is Kim teaming up with Sheree in an attempt to kick Nene to the side? Oh an how dumb were those songs she presented to Dallas.....I was upset on his behalf...wasting his
* You can also check out the entry I posted late last night.


Charmaine said...

I wanted to try that RX line but geesh it's so high!!! I don't mind paying for stuff that works for me but my skin is so funny that it'd be a waste for me buy if I can't even use it...why don't people sell smaller tubes?

B said...

I too wanted to try out the RX line but I wouldn't afford it either. :( My little sister loves the facial products though. And I didn't know iPod had radio connector thingies. Cooool!

PBW said...

I haven't tried to Rx line. I always mean to when I'm in Sephora, but end up getting distracted.

But I do want that gadget!!!!!

antithesis said...

dont get me started on them ATL chicks. first of all most of them do NOT live in the city of atlanta. and yes, i heard her say 29 and i was like "yea, right!". that show is a complete mess and most of them are hard to like. sheree reminds me of the stereotypical spelman woman. the woman everyone outside the AUC think spelman girls act's so annoying. yet i have to watch...

Therapeutic Musings said...

I haven't tried the Rx line yet, when I went to the Sephora they didn't have it and the saleslady made me so mad I haven't gone back since.

And 29? Yeahhhhh right! She does not look good for her age then. Did anybody peep her voice when she was singing with the kids? Worse than the songs! And NeNe's husband does seem very nice I was just smiling away.

laughing808 said...

I looked at those products, but my pockets said "Walk on by"

I'm typing up my post about them dang on ATL housewives now....

I like Nee-Nee's husband, he's about the only believable person on the show.

I thought it was just me that heard her say 29, but you know they don't age well at all......shucks her 11 year old looks like she's 15 or 16

TravelDiva said...

I haven't tried it yet. Let me know how it works though--I may have to check it out.

MakeupByRenRen said...

my boyfriend thought Nene's husband was her dad! awww..he seems sweet and definitely her rock. kim doesn't look 29...more like 39, i said the same thing...did she say 29? cuz she looks older...

brownee said...

Tried a cleanser and moisturizer from Rx...not bad, not good, not worth the price. I get better results from my $16 Origins cleanser & $8 Clean n Clear moisturizer. Lately I tend to only spend $$ on skin treatments rather than the basics; my skin never looked better.

Diva's gonna make broke with those hair product reviews though lol.

Am I the only person who doesn't watch Housewives? Not a day goes by someone isn't bringing that show up to me.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Charmaine I wonder if you could get free samples...I will look into it and if I get info I will let you know. P.S. You can also go to sephora to get a sample but sometimes those ladies can be
@B yes it's called the ipod radio remote and I love it.
@PBW I know what you mean, sephora is loaded with interesting products.
@Antithesis see it's great having a person on this site who knows ATL :-) and like you I have to watch
@TM what did that sales lady do? Yes, I did hear Kim's
@Laughing..LOL yes the 11yr old does not look 11, I guess they dont make kids the way they used
@TravelDiva I sure will.
@Ren maybe you can get to do their makeup...your expertise would be appreciated I'm sure.
LOL @ what your bf was thinking.
@Brownee HEyyyy Now see I can't really mess with Origins, some of their products will have me running for the nearest (I do like some of thier masks though). Yes, you are the only person not
Thanks for reading everyone and have a great great weekend.

Dominican Enigma said...

If kim is 29, I'm 48 with three kids. I'm annoyed with how she sweats sheree, one moment neenee is her best girl and the next minute sheree and her are tight. what the heck. neenee's husband seems so sweet. He's like a big teddybear. where are the rest of the men like that?

Product Junkie Diva said...

DE LOL I totally had me lol with your comment.

Anonymous said...

I tried the Rx line when it first launched. It wasn't worth the money. I don't think it hurt or helped my skin. They have since added kits for around $55. I bought the cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and "brightener", which was way too much. Also unless you live in DC and I think NYC most Sephora stores don't carry the products. My Sephora does not. It's mostly available on-line or via phone order from a store, which carries the products. Save your $$$.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Anonymous thanks for sharing your experience, sorry it didn't work well for you. Which products do you like?