Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Candy Anyone?

Dylan's is a very famous NYC candy store, so imagine my surprise when I learned they were branching into the area of beauty. Sephora is now selling Dylan brandy beauty products so I had to get in on the action.
The lip salve is a disaster!!!!!!! The $8.00 lip salve is cleaverly packaged and wrapped in this plastic cover (I really should have taken a closer look but I didn't) but once the cover is revealed you see just how little salve you have in the container.
Strike 1- not enough product (the picture on the left is showing how deep the bottom is which is why you get a small amount of salve.)
Strike 2-the lip salve is nothing more than well scented vaseline
Strike 3- If you don't put on the right about, your salve will evaporate into thin air. All of this disaster for $8.00.... the lip salve is a SKIP IT for sure.
On a positive note if you put on a moderate amount it will stay on for a long time, but doesnt vaseline do that also???????

The 16oz, $16.00 soda pop shower gel is nice. It is a thick body wash that lathers really well. The scent does not last long but at least while you are bathing you get to inhale a delicious scent.

However Dylans recovered well with the $16.00 Body Smoothie Lotion which is actually a really nice product. My skin remained moisturized and smooth after my first application. Ingredients include shea butter, aloe, jojoba oil and vitamin A. I opted for the coconut bon bon scented product instead of "strawberry licorice" or "birthday cake batter".
*The Dylan products are paraben free.*

I know I have already spoken about the 100% pure products but I purchased the pomergranate body wash (15.00) and it stinks..lol I am so certain that when I smelled it in the store it had a great scent but I guess I was wrong. So now I have a smelly bottle of body wash...sigh. I also picked up the 100% pure body wash in strawberry lemonade.($13.00)..I know I know I just spoke about getting a more mature scent but cut me some slack, old habits die hard..lol.
Additional Chatter
I neglected to mention yesterday that I use rollers in different sizes based on the type of curl pattern I want or how tight I want the curls to appear.
On the TUBE
Is anyone enjoying the new season of the Game...love that show. and I adore Tia's haircut.


B said...

I'm over here dying at your "strikes" and the vaseline comparison. LOL....we can so do without that. And Imma need for it to be a little bigger for $8. No ma'am. Take an easy transition to mature scents. It takes some time. I was wearing my Mother's perfumes at like 14 years old so I started a little young with trying to smell "mature". HA!!! Have a happy Tuesday, sis!

Charmaine said...

LOL...great post. I hate overpriced items that give you the "sample" sizes! I've never heard of these products until now to be honest!!

Amina said...

girl, you had me laughing so hard!
thank you for yoru honesty!
my sister always has her jar of vaseline all the time!! lol

i am so loving the game. I was sad when Janae got preggars..why?? why can't Melanie and her boo live happily ever after?

MakeupByRenRen said...

i saw these on sephora.com and wasn't sure about them...but i'm glad for that review so i dont get that lip salve!

The Frugalista Files said...

HOA finally tonight! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Love the reviews. What's the first ingredient listed for the lip salve? It wouldn't happen to be petrolatum? I couldn't find them on sephora's website yet they're listed for other products in the line.
As for "The Game" when they broke up I was like "Again??!!" The third season is getting super dramatic, and a little overboard. And I don't like Tia's super short cute, it gives her more forehead. Love the blog, keep it up.

Product Junkie Diva said...

B You did start young! Happy Tuesday.
@charmaine Overpriced is right. The body lotion is a good product though.
Amina vaseline will get the job done.
Ren glad I could help.
Frugalista I can't wait.
@fdkg Thanks for reading. LOL @ too much forehead....lolThey have so much drama and when he yelled last week and told her that he does love the baby more than he loves her..I knew that would be a problem for her. i am enjoying this season, I feel like it won't be his baby when they eventually take the test.
thanks for reading everyone.

Jmilz86 said...

Loving it...those products sound like they smell DIVINE but hellz no to the price for them! LOL @ us cutting you some slack for ur "not so grown up" scent

Thanks for adding that extra info on the rollers you use! I did mine today! Took too long but i liked it!

PBW said...

The packaging is soooo cute. So I'm sure you had high hopes for this one. Sorry it sucked, but thanks for the warning!

Product Junkie Diva said...

FDKG the first ingredient is actually beeswax. I must say I like the ingredientslist on their products and I like that they dont use parabens but that lip slave is a stinker.
Jmilz yaya I 'm goad your hair came out well.
PBW I like the packaging too!

Anonymous said...

i stick to my rosebud slaves...the original,mint,stawberry and mentolated are all good!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Dysfunctionalchick thanks I have seen the rosebud salve but I have yet to pick it up. I will check it out.PJD