Monday, November 24, 2008

I relapsed & Fashion

Over the weekend I sat in bed filled with righteous indignation as I watched former stars bemoan their now wrecked lives on Celebrity Rehab. Almost as quickly as I passed judgment, I realized that I too need rehab. Having made a decision to move toward a more mature scent I found myself opening up my new "cake batter " scented scrub and lotion by Dylan's Candy Bar. The scent I consciously avoided a few weeks ago was now being smeared over my hands. While in the store I thought about not making the purchase, but my urges were too strong so I bought it. Surprisingly Sephora didn't have a "try me" sample available so I just purchased without smelling the scent. I vaguely remember smelling it in another Sephora, but that was about two weeks ago, now the joke is on me. The cake batter is nothing like the Jacqua butter cream frosting or some of the other cake scented treats that I have tried in the past. Initially it smelled like batter but now it just makes me want to vomit.

While I may not be fond of the scent Dylan's Candy Bar has produced more "paraben free products that last long and really moisturize the skin. The "candy butter cream", priced at $20.00, is thicker than the lotion I posted on previously and it works well, keeping your hands smooth and silky. It includes jojoba, glycerin, shea butter and while excluding sulfates,parabens and propylene glycol.
**Note- propylene glycol comes in different strengths but it has been connected to brain, liver and kidney damage in mice, when experiments were conducted.**
The scrub is brown, that just threw me for a loop but anyway it is a light scrub. It is pretty creamy but it includes some sugar grains to give you light exfoliation. Priced at $20.00

American Music Awards

Loved Alicia Keys' blue dress and the outfit that she performed in.
Does Mariah always need the wind blowing through her hair when she performs? lol
Rihanna always chic and fab even though I wasn't fond of the cream colored frock she dawned during the ceremony. However, her peep toe Christian Louboutin heels rocked.
Justin Timberlake's white shoes= YUCK
How do you know you are officially mainstream? When Beyonce has middle aged women in the audience waving their hands to "put a ring on it"
When I saw Toccara, I immedialy thought about Dukes of Hazards for some reason. I just couldn't get with this dress, but she wears it well.
Did you notice the weight Queen Latifah has dropped? She looked great.

Which outfits did you like or dislike?

Pictures courtesy of brown


PBW said...

I like the sweet dessert scents for shower gels, but usually skip the lotions.

MakeupByRenRen said...

queen latifah is doing it! that inspires me :)

antithesis said...

i really like akeys' look. rihanna looked good on stage. beyonce...smh. i have no words for her or sasha un-fierce.

Jmilz86 said...

LOL I love ur PJism, I too suffer from this lovely disease! I purchased 3 tubs of a DC silk elements mega silk, without ever trying it nor smelling it and I love it! I love buying n trying!

QUeen Latifah looked amazing, Rih looked gorgeous as usual, alicia keys dress was nice, didnt like the head jewelry tho!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

My girl Keys is also elegant even when she isn't trying. The diva of the century Beyonce, can't be topped. She rocks and so does SF. If you dont love her then you love to hate her.
Jonas Brothers were quite dapper, they are growing on me (so ashamed). The pussycat dolls surprisingly had select individuals who finally pulled off a red carpet look.
On to the disappointments- Kanye is beginning to upset me with those shades, Chris looked the same as always (dressed down with a bow tie), and Rihanna, whats going on girly? I'll be more than happy to help because your stylist is making you look like a fashion illerate.

Just_Wondering said...

Girl I will never understand how you love those sweet scents!!!!

Alicia looked very nice in that dress!!! I don't even like blue but it really looks NICE!

Anderburf said...

If you are looking for paraben-free products with great scents you should check out Garden Girl Skin Care. Everything smells divine and the packaging is really fun! You can find them online at

The Frugalista Files http said...

I loved Alicia's dress. And Rihanna can do no wrong fashion wise in my book!

brownee said...

Diva don't call it a relapse! What girl doesn't desserts?

Didn't watch, award shows usually bore me, esp music awards. But from the all the day-after reports I see that QL looked suprisingly nice. And as always, Rihanna was haute!

Lol @ Antithesis' comment.

Product Junkie Diva said...

PBW that sounds like a smart move.
Ren you already look awesome!
Antithesis LOL @ all of your Beyonce comments.
Jmilz buying and trying is fun i agree with that. I just hate when it really really sucks but I guess that is the price we pay.
Mrs. YF not feeling RiRi's look? lol
Just W yeah you know I have a
Anderbuf- thanks
Frugalista Rihanna certainly has a style all her own. I like that she doesnt look like anyone else.
Brownee awww it's always nice to hear from you.