Monday, November 3, 2008

Free makeover & A Hair Product

Aveda is giving a treat to all in the NYC area by offering a free makeup application, here are the details:

WHEN: November 11 - 14, 9am - 9pm -- November 15, 9am - 7pm
WHERE: Aveda Institute New York, 233 Spring Street
FOR MORE INFO: Visit or call 212.807.1492

If you decide to get your free makeup application, please report back and let us all know how it turned out.

Liquid leave in conditioners have never really done the trick for my hair. Unfortunately I am still on the hunt for the perfect solution for my coils. I have the Moisture Mist Leave In conditioner by shescentit and initially it left my hair feeling conditioned and soft. However as soon as the product dried I felt like my hair was a little crunchy. I do like the light floral scent but the crunchiness forced me to wash my hair again. Instead of leaving it conditioned, it left my hair feeling dry. I remember using this product without a problem when I had received a relaxer but now I am not having the same pleasureable experience. I also know that the weather is different so maybe that is having an impact on how this product works with my hair. I will wait until December to use this $10, 8oz 98% natural moisture mist again (when I get my next relaxer) and I will give you all an update on this product.

Here are the ingredients: " Chamomile, water infused with Aloe, Nettle extract, grape seed extract, Honey, Colts foot extract, Horsetail, Silk Amino Acids, Sage, Rosemary, Glycerin, Shea Butter, Mint extract, centrimonium chloride, Tocopheryl Acecate (vit E), Panthenol, citric acid, polyquartemium, Nonoxynol, Benzophenone "

Not bad at all....

Hair Update - I mentioned that I would get my next relaxer in December but that may come a little sooner than I thought if I continue to encouter the problem I exprienced today. After washing my hair I thought everything was wonderful until I came up agains a big tangle, it took a really long time to work out the kinks. Apparently some long shed hairs wrapped around my healthy hair and didnt want to let go. I worked the tangles toward the bottom and did a little cutting at the ends to remove the final knots. I know that my method of washing my hair was less than stellar and probably to blame for getting some of those knots worked in so i have to do a better job next time.

How do you get your tangles worked out of your hair without cutting? Any secret tips?

Tomorrow I hope to post on one of my latest concoctions :-) it's a body butter.
*Sorry everyone I'm a moron. I knew I would be in meetings all day so I submitted this post very early, or so I thought. Apparently I clicked "save draft" instead of "publish post" so the post for today is very late. Sorry.

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