Monday, November 10, 2008

Garbage & a mini update

Sometimes I buy products because I really expect the product to live up to its claim but other times I think I buy products to prove that the claim is as ridiculous as I first imagined. When I walked into CVS on Friday I saw Rihanna's hazel eyes glistening in the Covergirl adversment I just had to read more. The new Covergirl Exact Eyelights is an illuminating mascara which contains little sparkley flecks that will make your eye color pop.
Yes, this $8.99 mascara is as ridiculous as it sounds. My eye color did not pop, it did not look any more brown than it did before I applied this worthless mascara. You can't even see theglitter on your lashes when you apply the mascara (not that I would want to see glitter on my lashes anyway but I'm just saying...gee whiz this product stinks.)
I have to be reaslistic I didn't expect this product to work because as B mentions in her review of this product, the claim just doesn't make sense.
Below you will see a pic of my eyes, the one on the right has nothing and the eye on the left has the Covergirl Eyelight mascara.
Obviously I would never buy this product again, it really is a true waste of money. Now as a regular mascara it has one of those plastic wands and its ok,, nothing special.
I haven't done it in a while but this product goes into the "SKIP IT" files.
Have you ever purchased a product with a ridiculous claim? If so please share. Also I would love to know if anyone has had success this this mascara.

The H20 can get a little product build up if you don't rub it into your hair well.
I am not sure if any of you saw the post on the free Aveda makeup makeover. Check it out if you are in the NY area.


Anonymous said...

I saw that product the other day and was like WTH and kept it moving. Didn't make sense to me either.

B said...

The irony that we both reviewed this on the same day. LOL, I love it! I really had no interest in even purchasing this but I had several reader requests. I KNEW it wouldn't work. Ha! Probably the world's most dangerous mascara. Those little glitter flecks irritated my eyes alllll day. It was awful. And I'm mad I lost my receipt so now I can't get my money back. LOL, so disappointed in CoverGirl.

MakeupByRenRen said...

i had a client who brought that with her when we did makeup lessons...i wasnt impressed was a weird grayish color?

Mrs Count said...

I had that thing in my hand the other day and then I stopped and thought about it. I was like hmmm, let me let PJD be the tester for this one, I'm sure she'll get it! Thanks for saving me some money.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I really can't see the difference. Thanks for the review, now I won't be trying it!! LOL

Product Junkie Diva said...

Jewells you had the right idea for sure.
B I know right...yay but I usually don't do any mascaras on Mondays I know that's your day I didn't get the eye irritation but the mascara still
Ren I agree, it is less than impressive.
TM lol glad I could help.
BGG no