Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crazy for Coconuts &Gone too soon

This is officially the second consecutive day in which I will be discussing a coconut scented product but I have really enjoyed using the Coconut Curl Conditioner by Komaza. This lightly scented coconut conditioner is supposed to enhance your natural curls, eliminate frizz all while adding sheen and softnness to your hair. I would have to say Mission Accomplished because this product works. It keep my new growth very soft which is an important factor at this stage of the stretching process. I have relaxed hair so I can not say that it enhances my natural curl pattern all over but it certainly does the trick for my new growth so I am very satisfied. The permed portion of my hair comes out silky soft after every wash. For $12.27 this is a great product, I only wish it could be offered in a larger size instead of the standard 8oz bottle.
Ingredients: Distilled water infused with nettles, chamomile, marshmallow, coconut milk, Dipalmitoylethyldimonium Chloride (A derivitive of Palm Oil) behentrimonium, polyquaternium 10, allatoin, aloe vera juice, coconut oil, soybean oil, jojoba oil, jojoba protein, pro vitamin B5,Vitamin E, allantoin, hydrolyzed silk protein, Soy Quat, methyl-sulfonyl methane, citric acid, cinnamon cassia, potassium sorbate.

HOA Central

It seems like the season has come and gone so quickly.
I acknowledge that I don't know these people and some degree of editing must go on so I don't have the full story but I here is what I discovered after last nights episode.

1) I don't care too much for Lisa, I think she is a "fake nice person" she likes to instigate. She laughed as they called Nene a drag queen, like it was cute. Not once did I hear her tell Sheree or Kim to "be nice" as she told NeNe more than once at the BBQ when she made comments about the other two ladies-and her comments were not even as bad in my opinion.

A truly neutral person would not laugh at remarks from either side. And she made it seem like Deshawn was crushed because the ladies didn't attend her BBQ, but if I recall Deshawn didn't verbalize it that way, she said she was cool with it. Don't get my wrong, I'm sure Deshawn was upset but I also think Lisa runs her mouth way too much and was looking for any opportunity to get the drama going from any direction.

Why did she NEED to have both Sheree and NeNe in a picture, so unnecessary. You are at your husband's surprise party but you are concerned with trying to mend fences between two enemies. Oh and when they all went to her "let's talk it out" dinner party she wanted to go around the table talking addressing the issues but she really wasn't a good moderator of the discussion, if anything NeNe's husband helped to bring about some type of closure while Lisa sat there looking back and forth between the ladies. Knock it off Lisa I'm on to you.

2)We all need to just say what we mean-Dallas probably felt that Kim wasn't really committed to working hard so he gave her a list of what she needs to do. Word of advice, Dallas since you are busy you don't have time to waste so next time please just say, --"you can't sing and I don't even have enough to work with to make you sound good in the studio so thats that...have a good night and tell Big Poppa I said he owes me one."

3) The dress code has changed-Regarding NeNe's son- do kids really dress like that for graduation? She had suits prepared for him but he goes to graduation in jean shorts???????

Kim didnt mind missing Deshawn's party but she said she "really likes Lisa" so she attended that event. Should I take this to mean she doesn't "really" like Deshawn?

4) In a good relationship you always look out for your mate-I like how Deshawn and her husband work as a team, taking time on air to discuss his possibilities after basketball. Nice setup to let people in the business know he's on the market and which direction he would like to move Cute.

Poor Mychael (apparently he now spells his name this way) Knight was subjected to Sheree and her endless questions which only showed that she has no idea what she is doing. I know she called him in for guidance but some things are just common sense.
** I just found this HOA article online**
Can't wait for the reunion next week. YAY
What are your thoughts on the final show?


antithesis said...

i thought i was the only one who thought this was a short season. when do the O.C. ones come back? i didnt see this last episode because i was being a procrastinating grad student so i had a paper to write. cant wait to catch up on it thursday afternoon along with some other shows i missed this week.

B said...

Okay now! I may need to try some of that. I love coconutty smell in the hair.

I never watched the HOA so I don't know what's goin' on, chile.

MakeupByRenRen said...

OMG thanks so much for that link, wow so juicy! this was the one show i watched religiously this season and i think they jipped us with just 6 episodes...for one, i'm a NeNe fan all the way...totally love her husband...i agree, lisa is fake...i can't believe she filed bankruptcy lol...omg too much, i can't wait for the reunion...i wish dallas had told it to kim str8, like dude, you don't have talent, quit wasting my time...sigh...and michael knight should have told sheree the same thing...except he sugar coated it as well...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I liked Lisa in the beginning, but she is more of a contradiction than anything. And it upset me how hard she wants her husband to quite playing football. Wasn't he playing when she met, fell in love, and then married him???

Nene is a little too loud for me. Like Frankie. But I'm drawn to their characters because it's obvious that they are in pain. No, I don't like to see people hurting, but it really shows their vulnerability. And that's what I like. People showing that they are human and affected by what happens in their lives.

I have no problems with DeShawn. Wish she would take out the time to learn how to cook, though.

Kim is an obvious follower. She needs to get a mind of her own. And why do her lips always look like she just got up from someone's lap??? subject.

Anonymous said...

BravoTV has tidbits from the reunion show. It gets real ugly.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

great finale, wish the season was longer. looking forward to the reunion- kim faking cancer? lol- sooo cant wait till Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Diva, just popping in to say HELLO! Not much to add except coconut scented items are my favs.

PS: Because of you I've been air drying with rollers, I've never thought to do that before. I love it, my natural hair looks bouncy. Once I smooth out the edges can't looks like relaxed hair. Nice to do without heat.


Dominican Enigma said...

I can not WAIT for the reunion.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis I think the OC housewives will start either this week or the week after the reunion show. I never got into those ladies so I didn't watch that season.
BYou may like it B, I think it is for naturals anyway, but I love it.
@ Ren I agree with
@Jewells yes Kim is such a follower, all of the previews of the reunion has me on pins and needles.
@Miss Young Fashions yes faking cancer, that was news to me.
@Brownee I've missed you!!!! I am glad the air drying is working for you.
@DE, me too.
thanks for reading everyone

The Frugalista Files said...

Housewives? Did someone mention the housewives? I'm not sure why I watched every episode, but I just couldn't stop. I hear there's a second season and I just can't wait.
PJD, you make wise observations.