Thursday, November 20, 2008

My little secert & Product Review

I don't know about other states but yesterday in NY Macys had a huge sale which lasted from Tuesday- Wednesday at 1pm. I knew the crowds would be insane so I had to think ahead to get what I wanted, so I am going to let you in on a little information. Macys employs personal shoppers!!!! Did you know that already? For years my mom has had a personal shopper at Macys which has been good news for my mom for years. You make an appointment with your shopper, the two of you will really build a relationship so that she/he can get to know your style what you like etc. Imagine having a huge event to attend and you wanted something to wear but you had no time to go through all the racks and look yourself, well then call up your personal shopper and explain that you are looking for a cute black dress with no sequence etc. you get the idea. Then your shopper will pull many outfits in your size and you just go to her office to check them out and get what you want. Personal shoppers are GENIUS! They are usually so fashion forward and chic, but I digress. So I went to Macys on the weekend picked out all the things that I wanted based on the sale catalogue that arrived at my home, and I left those items with my mom's personal shopper. They were secured in her office, not just hanging around on some rack where other people could potentially snag my items, so I knew my garments were safe. So who got a $380.00 Calvin Klein business suit for $80? That would be ME, I am super excited because I snagged suits and two winter coats so I am thrilled. So my point is please make an appiontment at your local Macys to get to know the personal shopper and enjoy endless benefits. *Edit- How could I forget two of the most important points? 1) You don't have to wait in line to pay because you can pay in the personal shopper's office. 2) If you don't feel like carrying your bags around, your purchase can be shipped to your home. LOVE IT! I do believe you need a Macys card to get a personal shopper but check that out I could be wrong.
Now on to the products
Sulfur is essential when it comes to helping our bodies produce keratin, which is needed to have strong healthy hair. Many people take MSM pills in an attempt to get more sulfur into their bodies and eventually it can lead to healthier longer hair. If you look at the back of your "one a day" tablets you will probably already see MSM listed along with biotin and other elements often credited with helping women to grow healthy and long hair. However you can buy MSM alone to increase your daily dosage, but please read all labels so that you are not taking more sulfur than your body can handle. While some women take their pills religiously others have tried pouring the sulfur directly on their scalps by using products like Bee Mine. Sounds crazy huh? Bee Mine is mainly sulfur but various oils and fragrances have been added to the mix to cover the dreaded scent of sulfur. So I told you a while ago that I've had Bee Mine for a while but never really used it because it is just so greasy and that is basically where I stand. However I made an effort to use it consistently for roughly 2-3 weeks and I think that little baby pumped out some new growth for me. Now I will document this with pictures when I go through this process again (shortly after I get my relaxer in December) but so far so good.
*Please note that you can not use Bee Mine right before or right after you get a relaxer, wait one week before reintroducing sulfur to your scalp.
I have to say that Bee Mine smells great, people have actually said" your hair smells great what is that scent", so the makers of the product have done a great job at hiding the sulfur scent. Here are the ingredients "organic Coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, sulfur powder, essential oils & fragrance."

Here is the video: *Edit (The song is by Brandy I will enter the title of the song later thanks for the info B.)


B said...

I love me some Macy's and would love a personal shopper. I'm so lazy when it comes to shopping so for everything to be just waiting for me when I arrive would be ideal. That whole going through rack after rack thing is not my idea of fun!

For some reason "sulfur" scares ms. LOL, I'm not sure why especially since it's $100% natural and organic. I can't wait to see your hair growth!

...oh and uhhh, just so YouTube doesn't disable your videos (the way they did mine) make sure that you credit each song that you use. I didn't do that with 3 or so videos and had some copyright issues. Eek! Not good!

CC said...

thanks for the great info, that's like the next best thing to online shopping. Besides "maybe" needing a macy's card, do you have to pay the personal shopper an extra fee?

did you get Bee Mine from Sephora?

Thanks- laterz

antithesis said...

you know i love a bargain so im excited for you and your purchase!

i would like to try a hair grown serum. right now im using doo gro but who knows if that actually works. probably not but it said it was good for those edges and since i've recently had some breakage, i just grabbed it.

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow who would of thunk it? i always thought personal shoppers were for the rich and celebrities!

Jmilz86 said...

I use MTG and that ish stinks but works! I hear bee mine is good! i can't wait til u track ur growth with it!

Product Junkie Diva said...

B I'm with you, going through racks is noy something I look forward to. LOL @"sulfur scares me".
Mrs. YF no you do not have to pay the shopper anything. Bee mine isn't from Sephora, its from the official bee mine online store-there is a link in the post to the Bee MIne store.
Antithesis I tried doo gro when it first came out years ago but I didn't like it. Please let me know how it works for you.
Ren nope we can all have one :-)
Jmilz Thanks for the info. I want to track the growth to see if it is really working or if its just my imagination.
thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

are you still using this product and did it work?