Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't be tardy to the party

Housewives of Atlanta
I usually kick things off with a product review but the Housewives of ATL must take the front seat today. Although Sheree tried to behave like she was above all the drama, the only one who really kept her nose clean was Deshawn. Deshawn appears to have a great support system through her family and her husband in particular. I like how Deshawn was staring down Sherree like "sucker please I'm not going to reach out to you so get over it".

Sheree in one word -pathetic....and I hate the way she pronounces the word "fabulous", it always sounds like she is saying "fabless".
It was confirmed that Lisa was the blabber mouth who spilled the beans about Nene's limo performance but I don't think any of us had doubts about that one.
Did you notice that Kim did not readily take on Lisa, it seemed like she didn't want to mess with Mrs. Wu- Hartwell.
Kim said that her hair was falling out, she lost 25 pounds and her friend who is a doctor said he was "90% sure that she had cancer". Ummm did he just look at her weight and hair loss and make that diagnosis? Kim also tried to play it off like Nene new she had cancer, but Nene quickly cleared that up. Oh yeah and KIM NEVER HAD CANCER-she is so SHADY. She also blamed her heavy makeup as the reason why she doesnt look 29 years old. I think she doesn't look 29 simply becuase she hasn't been 29 in years.

I think Lisa began to detest Deshawn when D said " your money isn't guaranteed" pouring salt on the wound.
Dwight's For me, his comment of the season was - " who was this wonderful person who had a fashion show with no fashions? Dreadful"
I like Nene's new hair style by the way.
Check out Antithesis' minute by minute and Meandering Memorandum.
Here is Lisa's most recent chat with Essence.
What are your thoughts on the reunion?

What's on the tube?
While I enjoyed the reunion I was more entertained by hit BET show Brother to Brutha. Those poor guys are in so much pain but they sure can sing. When their father apologized to Poppa it seemed somewhat sincere until he said "I don't want to be shut out, when you all blow up I don't want to be on the outside" (something like that was said which basically made him sound like he just didn't want to be cut out of the cash flow).
Why did the oldest brother, I think his name is Gary/Grady, feel the need to tell his young daughter (she appeared to be about 7) that he didn't want her to go to jail or get involved with boys. He also explained that he was a womanizer which is why he isn't with the child's mother. Way too much information for the little girl who I think just wanted to use the swings at the park....
Are you watching this show?

I know that the world seems to be on Youtube but when I caught wind of Shanice (the singer of I like your smile) singing Beyonce's "If I were a Boy" I thought this it was a great way for her to let people know she's still singing and sounds great. However, when I saw the video of Shanice cleaning up her kitchen I was puzzled. Despite this youtube craze, some people need to know when enough is No I didnt watch the full video of Shanice cleaning the dishes. lol Here shes is sining the Beyonce tune. What do you think?
I LOVE Ne-yo's new song and video, even though I figured out the end long before the closing of the video. Click here

Product Time
So it finally arrived, my $9.00 Oyin Juice and Berries leave-in herbal hair moisturizer. I am not exaggerating when I say that this Starburst candy scented hair product smells amazing. It combines organic aloe, orange oil, chamomile and other ingredients to form this light weight liquid moisturizer. After spraying it on my hair, it felt so soft.

I will continue to buy this product from Oyin because it is working really well so far. It is supposed to grab moisture from the air to keep your hair moisturized. I'm not exactly sure how it is pulling that off, but I know that my hair feels great after using it. The products are all handmade so it takes a while to receive your shipment but it is so worth the wait. I will use the conditioners tonight and post a review maybe in the next two to three weeks after I have used it a few times.

Do you use any Oyin product?


Therapeutic Musings said...

"Dreadful" That was hilarious I am still over here cracking up! I haven't watched the reunion show yet but I'm already laughing at your recap so I can only imagine what the show will be like. I had been wondering about that Brother to Brutha show. I don't watch BET all that much but I saw a commercial on Sunday and was like what in the world is this? I'll try to catch a few episodes now.

Starburst scent?! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

i liked his weave! he was the

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Totally in agreement with your recap, how small of Kim and Sheree to actually think they got it going on.
OMG! Tears flowed when Poppa was crying. I could not help it, it was so touching, everyone in the room sharing a moment.
BTW, KC's family is a hot mess, so crazy you can't even change the channel.

P.S. I'm using my "holiday" money to buy some of the products you reviewed. Help me make the best choices.

MakeupByRenRen said...

i love dwight, lol...he came on with that hair and was just soooo fabulous, lol...i'm so glad he called out kim. i dont think sheree got enough heat on the show...she's really the worst one of them all in my opinion...

Jmilz86 said...

OMG the reunion was toooooo funny...Little Lisa looked like she was ready to throw down tho!

The oyin moisturizer looks so tempting, I may have to get some, b/c this cold weather and my hair are not getting along!

I never watched that BET show but i saw a commercial last night that made me wanna get caught up. I need to check up on it!

T said...

Dreadful was hands down the best comment of the season. Up second is "Boop" i.e. "I will put her back in her place. Boop." NeNe, 2008.

There were so many things going on where to even start. I can't even go there. All I'm going to say is Kim is a mess. I could not believe she came up with the sad sob cancer piece and then reniged on it. Really, Kim? And the host was hilarious. "So... you do not have cancer?" "Let me just ask one more time... you DON'T have cancer?"


The Frugalista Files said...

Dwight can do NO wrong in my book.

Lisa: She didn't have to tell Sheree about the limo. Sheree wasn't there so Lisa didn't need to tell it.

Kim: Wow. Just wow.

NeNe: Over the top

Deshawn: Has great emotional intelligence

Sheree: I thought I was the only one who noticed that she says fabless!

brownee said...

STOP IT DIVA!! We're in a recssion. Lol

I didn't watch the HOA series but I caught the reunion at my best friend's house. OMG I was dyin'! Dwight!

I'm sure Bravo will replay those eps. I'll check it out(all late, but hey).

Happy Thxgivin to Diva and fellow PJD readers.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I agree with you all.
Dyfunctionalchick his hair was just too it did look silky though.
Ren true Sheree didn't get enought of what she needed.
Jmilz that juice n berries is on my get more list. I will probably order 4-5 bottles today just to keep in my reserve tank. However it is recommended that you use it within 3-5 months so I have to see how quickly I can use a bottle.
T I am with I knew exactly what you were saying as soon as I read "Boop" Yes, that host wanted to be very clear on that whole cancer
Frugalista- yes yes yes I am with you.
@Brownee i really laughed so hard when I read "STOP IT DIVA!! We're in a recssion. Lol" I know but this product is only 9 bucks, can't go wrong with
Soon I will continue the series on making your own products...maybe..LOL
thanks for reading everyone.

B. Fly said...

Love, love, love the scent of Juices and Berries. I couldn't wait to read your recap of the reunion. It was hilarious.

Lauren said...

Hey Diva I'm back. I'm sorry I've been MIA last week, i c I have alot to catch up on lol. The reunion was too funny & my fav diva of that show is dwight, he's a hot mess & I love it lol. I liked NeNe's hair too, it looks good on her. Whatever to kim saying she really is 29 or 30, she looks like shes 42. She can put that where- back there. Cuz I sure aint buying it lol

Anyway so omg, I'm so happy you like the juices n berries! I use it on my dry hair too n I love it! I love the smell & best of all it doesn't dry my hair out. Ok so now since we r in Dec, when r u getting ur relaxer? lol Did u get it already? I'm not getting mines until the 13th (next sat) which will be 19 weeks post 4 me (4 months). So i decided I'm not gonna get that phyo perm for 60 bucks, i can't afford 2 spend that kind of money on a perm right now, the holidays r in full affect lol & we r still in a recession. So I brought soft & beautiful (regular 6x more protection) b/c I read good/positive reviews about it. But then sum1 mentioned desinger esstianals & said it was good too so now idk which 1 to use lol. I'm pretty torn, have u ever used either of these perms b4? If so, which 1 do u think is better? I only want to use a mild perm. Let me know when u get a chance, thank again diva!

Product Junkie Diva said...

B Fly- thanks..
Lauren I am so glad you are back on the blogosphere. I am so with you regarding your comment on Kim's I'm glad you like the show. Yes, we have finally hit the month of dec. and my hair is beyond poofy. I will either get my touch up on Friday or Saturday. I just can not wait until the end of the If I see that banana clip one more time I'm going to I need a new style and I need to have my hair not poof up like a parachute.
I have not used any of the perms you mentioned. My stylist uses the mild mMotions perm or sometimes she will use the herbal motions relaxer. I certainly understand not wanting to drop 60 on a perm kit. You did a great strech, I know you are so proud of yourself. How does your hair look and feel right now?
And as for your comment "put that where? back there" lol Have you ever seen Wendy's tv show?
talk to you soon

Lauren said...

You are too funny diva. LOL @ the word "blogosphere" I luv it lol. Yea I was MIA for a minute lol. Yea I was going to get my relaxer this sat but I will strech it 1 more wk so it can extra fresh 4 Christmas & New Years lol. Yea I'm really proud of myself b/c girl my hair at the roots are looking rough LOL. I mean u can pretty much tell I need a touch-up asap. The rest of my hair looks good to me lol (no breakage really). My hair is also poofy at the top so lately I've just been wearing it back in a ponytail. The only day my hair looks REALLY nice is on saturdays when I come out the salon lol. It looks shiny & full, almost like I dont even need a realxer b/c u can't really see my roots lol. By mid week like wed/thurs its like ahhh, can't wait to get it washed again lol. My hair always feels very soft, even at my roots. I still co-wash with my fav products (I love shea butter) so my hair even feels extra soft. I've been using that shea butter/aloe vera cream from hairevda & I like it, a little goes a long way 4 me. But my ulitmate fav is the sheamoisture shea butter leave in conditioner. Its a cream & can be used as a daily moisturizer. Here's a list of the ingredients: Shea Butter, Deionized water, Herbal Complex, Panthenol, Centromonium Chloride, Glycerin, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E & I love it. It makes my hair so soft.

Anyway, thanks for your info on the perm you use, u did tell me that before & i 4got lol. My stylists said she would use the desinger esstials on my hair (i looked it up & that stuff is expensive (but not no 60 bucks lol) Its a salon quality perm so it must be good. I'll give it a try & let you know how it turns out & how I like it.

Yes, i've seen my girl Wendy's TV show lol & it was pretty entertaining to watch, I love her & her nonesense, she cracks me up & keeps me sane during the day while I'm at work (like now lol). I was looking at Dwight like how he Doin? (as she would say ahaha) Lol but yea, I enjoy her radio show much more than her TV show, her TV show was OK, hopefully it'll get better when it comes back on in July (yes I will b watching lol). I actually went to one of the show's tapings back in the summer so I got c her upclose & personal lol. Anyway, ttyl diva :)

velvet jones said...

I'm a big fan of Oyin products. It's one of the few product lines that allows my hair to feel healthy and moisturized without feeling oily or greasy. I especially like the Shine and Define and the Greg Juice. Their conditioner is really good as well. The only other conditioner I've come across as good is One Condition by Deva Curl. Simply awesome.

Another product I adore by Oyin, but not for hair, is there honey sticks lip balm. Gurl, they are THE TRUTH. For real. I just ordered $50 worth of their honeysticks(part of a $200+ order). Why so much? First, it's that good. Second, it takes so long to get the product, I'd rather just stock up so I don't have to worry about running out for a good long while.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Lauren I just seriously love it when you leave *friend in my head* heheeh.
I am getting my hair done today. I hope all goes well. I tried parting my hair so that they won't have a tough time getting through the new growth. I tried to do a ponytail one day and it just was too puffy I looked like a conehead so I decided to make it a bun day and I accented the style with two headbands. WHich reminds me that I forgot to show you the headbands that I use. I will do so asap.
I know your hair is going to looks great. Hairveda rocks, did you get anything from them on black friday? That shea moisture doesnt sound familiar, I have to see if I own
So you saw Wendy up close and was the hair?
Wendy is a trip. I haven't really been able to listen to her in recent times but I know shes still a mess. Oh and i don't know if you know but a former co worker filed a lawsuit of some sort but I dont know what happened with that care. Anywho, the woman who filed the suit was on the Essence magazine dating show so I watched her when this aired last year...she was funny Anyway that was so off Ye Dwight- how you doin???
Velvet - I have not tried anything by Deva curl but it sounds great. Which conditioner do you use? I think i need honeysticks in my life.
thanks for reading.