Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm not cranky this week I promise

Sadly, I must present you with the true facts about a product I had high hopes for, the She Scent It Hydrating Body Milk. I purchase the two lotions in matching scents to the two She Scent It scrubs that I purchased recently. Have you even had a beverage or food that was not so bad going down, but once it was finally down your pie hole you were left with an after taste? Well if that is familiar, then you will relate to the after scent that lingers after you apply the She Scent It body milks. The first complaint that I have is that the lotions don't really smell as good as the scrubs. The tropical punch scrub was my favorite but the tropical punch lotion fails to deliver because it does not smell the same and it almost makes me feel queezy. I will have to apply this lotion on my feet at night so that that the scent is on no where near my nose. Sorry She Scent It but please go back to the drawing board on this one. Aside from the scent the lotion isn't very long lasting, its regular nothing special. There are many other scents to select from and they may be excellent, but My Apple McIntosh and Tropical Punch did not hit the spot. On a positive note the lotions have great ingredients and they are all paraben free. You will pay 14.00 for this 8 oz stomach churning lotion.
For me, this product must go into the "SKIP IT" files. Have you had a good experience with any of the She Scent It hydrating body milks?

Off Topic

There is a famous cake shop in NY named Magnolia Bakery and people stand on hour long lines just to get their hands on the sweet cupcakes produced. A new Magnolias opened up so I had to go there to pick up the famous cupcakes for the first time. I was excited because there was actually no line at the time I entered the store so I ordered up my cupcakes. Before leaving the store the line was literally out the door. Anyway the cupcakes are nice, they have delicious butter cream frosting and they are colorfully decorated but no way would I wait on even a 10 minute line for those cupcakes. If you put them in the microwave, they taste much better but it's not all it's hyped up to be. In fact the chocolate cupcake was DRY but the yellow cake cupcakes were better. The carrot cake however is delicious and moist.

My Suggestion
If you want cake worth standing on line for, I would suggest checking out the Cake Man Raven in Brooklyn...his red velvet is the best I have ever had and his green coconut cake is FABULOUS. I really never cared about standing in line for his desserts as long as necessary just to get my hands on his creations.

Second off topic commment
As many of you women move up the corporate ladder (earning degrees and making more money) do you find that it is harder to find a suitable mate? Just wondering.


The Frugalista Files said...

Girl, I'm loving the off topics! I have been craving cupcakes for weeks, now, but I'm having a hard time finding a gourmet shop. I may just have to wait until I make a New York trip!

I have some friends from college who were career women who found nice guys. I guess it's timing...

MakeupByRenRen said...

mmmm those cupcakes look nummy...my girl and i almost went to magnolia last time we were up in NY but couldn't find it...

Amina said...

hello there,
no i appreciate your honesty!!!
i've heard mixed reviews about shescent it..

those cupcakes look delicious!!!
i want one :)

love your off-topic..
well to be honest, i don't know because i rarely if ever get approached and i've been single for years. I guess i am the kind of girl who's meant to meet someone from time to time..
but everyone told me that it is also because i am doing a phd and men are intimidating by that...
before moving to IN, i was doing an internship in Boston and when i told me i won't be applying for the position to pursue a Phd, my boss told me...euh, you know African men don't like women who have too many diplomas...ouch...and i was hoping for a you go girl!! you fierce...lol

so anyways,my philosophy is I refuse to feel bad for what I am earning/accomplishing especially at the cost of sleepless nights...

but yes, i guess some men feel insecure when a woman moves up the social ladder...aaargh men and their ego (ok, i sounded bitter..lol)

B said...

Another "skip it"? You're savin' us money, chica! And those cupcakes look divine. Imma need them to open up a shop here in Florida. Shoooot, we like cupcakes too. LOL!

I don't think it's the "degrees" that intimidate men...it may be our "I'm a smart and strong Black woman and don't need you" attitude that we often exude. I could go on and on about that but you know what I mean, right? LOL!

Anonymous said...

keep up the off topics...love it. magnolia's banana pudding is to die for! check out black hound bakery as well (10th and 2nd ave). see, i'm married to the miltary and i have made the choice to do higher education (all the way to the PH.D..woohoo) and be his wife. now i have friends who have this problem but i think its really up to the guyand how he feels about women and being independent and career focused and what you two as a couple value in a life together. personally i rather be a spinster than being with a man who isnt ok with me having a strong career.

Lauren said...

Yes plz keep up with the off topics b/c I love them too. And ok wait, I live in the NY area (long island) & i dont know about these cupcake stores. Thats pretty sad of me, I've lived in NY all my life so far. Ummm ok the next time I go to BK or the city I will b hitting up those spots, thanks for the tip & the links to the websites, I will b printing them out b/c even though I live in LI, I go to city all the time.
I believe in women empowerment & if a man can't handel his woman achieving her goals & dreams towards her career then he isnt on her level & needs to keep it moving. I can't stand men like that.

Dominican Enigma said...

go to buttercup bake shop and get the banana pudding, it's to die for. I've been to cake man and that's amazing too.

Just_Wondering said...

Wow I heard about that cupcake spot with the line outside the door but now I know to stick to the place in blkyn because his red velvet is yummy!

When I read the question at the end of your post I almost wondered if I was @ my Blog hahahahaha that's such a Just Wondering topic!

I think that finding a suitable mate is difficult regardless of the degrees and money you make..I do however believe that men can be intimidated by the money you have or the degrees. However, I'd have to say that finding a mate that has the same credentials has become a great challenge in the Black community. So if Mr. Average Joe can appreciate a sister whose doing her thing then I think it may be a bit easier.

I personally don't think that Mr.Average Joe really knows where he would fit into an independent black womans world because society is glorifying and shouting that independent black woman don't NEED a man...She can do for herself...I think that we need to change a few things about that slogan in order to get men to understand that we are still in need of a strong black man in our lives and want companionship...

Product Junkie Diva said...

Frugalista I hope you fidn those cupcakes. Yes you certainly have a point about the timing.
Ren You didnt miss much....but the carrot cake was GOOD.
Amina LOL @ "i was hoping for a you go girl!" I think even if a woman has a very cool attitude about her accomplishments some men will just be down in the dumps because this little lady got all that good "learnin"..lol.
@B Im sure you could make cupcakes that taste better than the magnolia cupcakes so don't worry.
Dysfunctionalchick congrats on teh decision to get your doctorate, I don't know you but I'm proud of you girl. ..you too Amina!
B yes some women do have a bad attitude about their accomplishments but dang some guys are just haters...lol
@Lauren yes, I have to post some more NY spots, you know NY has so much to offer.
DE I have been to the buttercup bake shop and I HATE their cupcakes but their banana CAKE is DELICIOUS and I dont even like bananas...lol but I didn't try their banana pudding. thanks
Just WOndering..I did dip into your area on this blog didn't I? lol thanks for your insightful input! You already know how I feel about this topic..lol
thanks for reading everyone.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about Juniors in BK. The cheesecake was alright. Maybe if I had ate it there instead of taking back to my hotel, it might've been better.

justme said...

i made those cupcakes according to their recipe last year and they were dry just like you said. now i want to make cupcakes this weekend though, last week it was cookies. LOL

about men, i dunno but i could see a loser being intimidated, i cant see a real man in this situation though and if he was i have the feeling he still would say something.

yummy411 said...

i missed cake man raven when i was in bk =((((

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

little late in leaving a comment but...
many women have been earning higher degrees and it's not that men have become unsuitable as much as it is women raising their standards based on nothing besides their degree. "I don't want him anymore because I have TWO PhDs, even though he is stable and treats me right." SO SAD!!! If there exists a man who sees nothing wrong with a woman bringing home the big bucks, but admires her for her drive and determination, pray to the good god above that we find one. LOL

Happy Hunting PJD

Product Junkie Diva said...

Jewells yes the Juniors cheese cake is fine but it isnt the best. I do like some of their cakes though.
lol Thanks Mrs. Young Fashion.