Thursday, November 13, 2008

Keep it clean on the go

I used to get a fun little pink pill from the dentist as a child. After brushing your teeth, you would chew on this pill and it would help you to see if you were either an expert brusher or if you needed to revisit certain areas of your teeth for another round of brushing. (did you get those as a kid? I think it comes in the form of mouthwash now for kid...anyway moving on). So today I will introduce you to the little pink pill for my face.
Have you ever washed your face and then used one of those facial clothes only to reveal that you still had makeup on your skin or it just wasn't as clean as it appeared to be when you looked in the mirror. Well I decided to try the Dickinson which Hazel daily facial towelettes which contain a touch of aloe. These 100% natural botanical cloths are lightly scented but they pack a mean punch. These towelettes are designed for use on the go, they are individually wrapped and can tote around in your purse all day. This wipe is supposed to lock in moisture, tone and protect your skin while preventing future blemishes from surfacing. I do not use these cloths on a regular basis because I have a feeling that it would be too drying on my face. I like to use the cloths every now and then in the same way that I would use that pink pill as kind, I check to ensure that all residue is gone. Perhaps it is because I use it after washing my face that it makes me feel like it would want to dry out my skin if I used it daily. At any rate it is a pretty good product and for those comfortable using towelettes on the go, this may be a good solution.
A box of 20 will cost you roughly $5.00.
Have you tried this product or a similar product form another company?
Also i am looking for a new facial scrub, any suggestions?


MakeupByRenRen said...

hmmm nifty terms of facial scrubs hmm...i just use plain old st ives...but i have these dove cleaning pads...they're shaped like little ovals with a cleansing side on one end and an exfoliating side on the other...that junk makes me feel clean! i only use it once in a while though, about 10 come in a pack.

Jmilz86 said...

I use the witch hazel from Dickenson's (in the bottle) everytime i wash my face! i love it and for my oily skin, it's not too drying! I need to find these wipes!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Your looks is sure enough proof that the products look good on you.

dysfunctionalchick said...

witch hazel is good for cleaning when you have braids, twists. for your face i only suggest wicthazel if its oily.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you reviewed these already but I use Comodynes Make-up Remover Towelettes, which I found at Trader Joe's for $4.29 (20pack). The packaging states that it can replace cleanser, toner, and eye make-up remover, but I still wash my face with a gentle cleanser to make sure everything is off (Cetaphil). They're very gentle and leave your face feeling clean, fresh and not dry.

Peter Roth makes a good exfoliating cleanser but it comes in only one size and is kind of expensive for someone looking to try it out ($30).

From one product junkie to another -- great blog! I've gone out and gotten a few of your suggestions. I love the Carol's Daughter Body Butter!

Take Care!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Anonymous, thanks I will look out for that product. I have used peter Roth products in the past, I think his gentle exfoliating cleanser is orange right? If that's the one it ripped my face to It was just too strong for me.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Ren I know exactly which dove pads you are talking about and lol @ "that junk makes me feel clean!"
@Jmilz the wipes are available online through
@emeka thanks but if you are talking about the woman on the front of my blog that is an ad for a contest- that's not my face. However I will still accept the
@dysfunctionalchick- thanks I have combination skin so it is more oily on teh tzone only.
thanks for reading everyone.