Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grow baby grow

What's your dream hair length? While some women dream of luxuriously long hair others just want to have hair long enough to allow them to wrestle it into a simple ponytail. Whatever hair length needs or wants you may have there are countless products that promise to help you to reach that goal. One such product is the Stimulating Gro Serum by VIA Natural, a product that contains rosemary, vitamin B, aloe vera and other ingredients. This mint scented serum is similar in consistency with the natural sebum that every human produces so it is a little thicker than water (pretty light with a little oil mixed in). You are instructed to use this on your scalp twice a day to stimulate your follicles and produce the growth of stronger hair that grows at a faster rate than usual.
My Finding
It really does seem to melt right into your scalp effortlessly and while it is on your roots that is fine but please don't let it get on your hair. I was rolling my hair and used this product on my hair as I was rolling and the next day my hair was rock hard. I had to saturate my hair in order to comb through it, it was disastrous. Regarding growth I can't say that I experienced anything extraordinary if it did anything it was minimal at best. I would say skip this $7.99 hair hardening treatment because better products exist. This product is thrown into the "SKIP IT" files.
What's your dream length?
May of you have been contacting me about growth aids so I will try to post on them on a more consistent basis. Sorry for posting so late everyone...busy week.


Dominican Enigma said...

hey, this better not be a new product Miss I'm on probation. lol

Product Junkie Diva said...

lol no this is old DE i just neglected to post on it before.

antithesis said...

i have never heard of that mess. i cant wait for more reviews from you on growth aids. i would like my hair to be a few inches longer. i always wonder if products promising growth really work. if you find some that do, PLEASE let me know.

brownee said...

I don't mess with these products promising hair growth. Hair texture, length, density, etc are all pre-determined before birth by genetics. All we can do is maitain what we have. Those silly potions can't beat mother nature and proper nutrition.

Oh yea, back to Diva's question lol. I'm cool with my hair length (collar bone when straightened), but man am I constantly annoyed at hair's density (or lack there of). I mean can a sista know what it feels like to have hair full of body with out clip in pieces?

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Antithesis OOOOH lah lah trust me more growth aids to come.
@Brownee yes, your diet really means so much but I think if you take really really good care of your hair it can grow beyond what you could imagine. Let's see, this is my new

Vikas said...


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B said...

Dominican Enigma is on probation too? Yesss!! It's a revolution!

But uhhh, I'm probably the only lady in the world who isn't looking for growth. I actually prefer shorter hair because trying to tame a big fro ain't easy. A friend of mine has used this and she said it didn't work too well either. Ugh...another one bites the dust.

It's been a busy week for me too, sis so let's hope the weekend is better for the both of us! :)

savvy said...

Most women's issue is not that their hair won't grow, it's that they don't keep it healthy so it will stay on their heads. If you have constant breakage, thinning, etc., it can appear as if your hair doesn't grow.

I don't have a dream length as I have no problem maintaining healthy and long-ish hair. I have kept it a little past shoulder length for the past few years (anything longer becomes difficult to manage) but recently cut it to a chin-length bob that's already growing out. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to maintain the cut or let it grow back out.

brownee said...

Diva, don't forget your hair grows from the inside out. And afterall it's DEAD protien. I'm gonna stick with the science on this one.

But that's doesn't mean I'm not wishing you luck on the new experiment. If anyone can prove 'em wrong it's you!

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Vikas thanks I have never used anything from your company. Feel free to shoot an email my way.
@B I dont think DE is on board but I could be wrong. Sometimes shorter hair is easier to maintain, that is if you are not dealing with hair that had to be rolled every I am a firm believer that all lengths can be beautiful.
@Savvy you are indeed correct, I totally agree that retaining the the growth is a big issue.
@Brownee yes it is dead but I like the idea behind some of the products. For example, pure rosemary oil can stimulate circulation which is reported to get those follicles working to push that hair out faster. I think the circulation of blood and getting the follicles working overtime can help to promote faster growth. Diet, vitamins and exercise will certainly play a large part oh and drinking plenty of water. Thanks for wishing me well on my journey. I will focus mostly on natural products or products based on mostly natural ingredients.
I have a few products that I am waiting to try out.
I'm excited!
have a great weekend everyone.

brownee said...

Girl I mean it too_ if ANYONE can do it, it wil be you! 'Cuz u don't play when it comes to your hurr. Lol

brownee said...

Girl I mean it too_ if ANYONE can do it, it wil be you! 'Cuz u don't play when it comes to your hurr. Lol

Product Junkie Diva said...

Brownee I think I found it..LOL now I am going to start using another growth product.
heheheh I'm having too much fun with this.