Friday, August 15, 2008

Smooth Cocoa & MAC

Before I use this all up I wanted to do a post on the Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub with crushed cocoa beans by Giovanni Organic Skin Care. It smells like hot cocoa and it really does allow me to scrub my way to smoother skin. I purchased it from because I could not get to Whole Foods so I paid $13.99 as opposed to the $9.99 price at WF. Ingredients include walnut shells, safflower oil, honey and other delicious goodies. I would buy this again it feels great...
Now on to the makeup portion of this post.
Oh my goodness, I am on probation and a blogger named RENREN is killing She posted her new MAC haul and a lipstick in the color bing is a must have for me. Since I really don't wear makeup, (I'm a minimalist at heart) I would probably tone down bing on my lips or mix it with a lighter color so that it's still dark but not as dark however I LOVE it. It looks awesome on you Ren. Please check out the video to see some of the new colors. I am salivating over bing and the first lip glass that Ren shows on the video.
I mentioned in a previous post that a few weeks ago I was all signed up to get a MAC makeover on Aug. 22nd once their hot new line launched. I now know that the line must be the Cult of Cherry and now that I have seen bing I don't think I will go, gee whiz it will probably make me break

MAC sent a little card to my home announcing the new line and there are at least 3 lip products that I need/want. Will you get anything from the new MAC line?


B said...

That Cult of Cherry is hot and I was tempted to buy a lot more than just a lipstick and Lip glass, but I’m remembered the probation. It’s all about moderation. The goal is no more than $50/month on make-up, body and hair products. I’ve hit my limit for this month so I need to sit my behind down somewhere. HA! But I must tell you…that Bing: you need it. It a hot color for the Fall season and beautiful on WOC. It’s vampy but with bronzed cheeks, I definitely think you can pull it off.

And that Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub…yum!!

Therapeutic Musings said...

Thankfully MAC isn't a weakness of mine,or else I'd probably be broke! But that sugar scrub????? I will be making my own version this weekend! Off to look up the ingredients to add the TM spin to it.....

The Frugalista Files said...

I <3 M.A.C. Honestly, I feel like that bing color is a reincarnation of another MAC lipstick I wore in college. I wish I could remember the name. The sugar scrub seems heavenly.

antithesis said...

i dont think i could pull off any of those colors. it looks nice on her but, it's not for me. i may be able to do the lustre one. i have to find a new foundation before i start experimenting with colors because my skin is really sensitive and it's beginning to react to the foundation i have.

Amina said...

that scrub sounds DELICIOUS!
adding it to my wishlist

omg the cult of cherry is really testing my patience...the lippies are gorgeous!!
I've been stalking Ren and Jaimie's blogs too!!

MakeupByRenRen said...

awww thanks for the shot out homie! bing is hot! b is right though...u need make sure you got color on your cheeks so you don't look like a vampire, lol...i saw that chocolate scrub at target, mmmmmmmmmmmmm...they sell giovanni at target too, not just whole foods in case it makes it easier for you to access it

Product Junkie Diva said...

@B I totally agree with you Cult of cherry is indeed hot. Now is that 50 bucks for makeup, another 50 for hair etc. or 50 total?
@TM please share your solution if it comes out great...thanks
@Frugalista is it heavenly...and if you couldn't tell from my long comment, i LOVE your post
@Antithesis don't think that I forgot way back when you asked me to try out a certain foundation but I have not see that exact one. Even though I don't wear foundation I think I am going to try that new bare something ( i think by revlon) it goes on white but then perfectly matches your skin...wierd huh? I think i need to test that then give it to mommy.
@Amina me too but we can do it we can remain on
@renren guess what my Target sells Giovanni stuff but not the scrub, I was like HUH?? what gives? maybe it is not in stock yet, at least I hope that's the reasons otherwise that would be the best place for me to get it.
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend everyone.

Anonymous said...

I think I only own two MAC products. In the future, I will use my Pro card so I can save. I have yet to see what the hype is all about, though.

PBW said...

I LOVE that Giovanni body scrub. YUM!

I'm a long time RenRen stalker too!

Hmmm...I vowed to buy only one item from the Cult of Cherry collection. Okay, maybe two.

Dominican Enigma said...

i love love love that chocolate scrub. i watch ren ren all the time. i think i'll have her do my make-up if i get married.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Jewells what's a pro card? Is it like a card for makeup pros that will allow you to get discounts?
@PBW cant wait to see waht you get.
@DE she is really very talented.

viagra online said...

Thankfully MAC isn't a weakness of mine,or else I'd probably be broke! But that sugar scrub????? I will be making my own version this weekend! Off to look up the ingredients to add the TM spin to it..