Friday, August 1, 2008

Random things

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I know that many of you have been using MAC for years but I am still being introduced to the wonders of this company. However I made a makeup blunder by selecting two lip colors that make me look like I am foaming at the mouth. I decided to remedy this problem by blending the colors in with my trusty chestnut brown MAC lip liner.
In the picture above you will see my first eye liner by MAC in and the lip glass on the left is "Revealing " (it is also on my lips in the picture to the left) and the other is "Chai"( also shown on my lips on the right).
Arm swatch (revealing (left) chai (right). If anyone has other suggestions on how I can make these colors work, (by mixing with other colors etc. ) please let me know.

I was told by a MAC associate that an amazing new line will be out in August. She has already signed me up to go in and see the new products on August 22nd. I am not sure if I will really go but that will be based on whether or not I like the new colors once I see them on the MAC website.

I also purchased some Biotin pills from GNC for $9.99. I have 600 mcg and the bottle contains 180 tablets. If you take a "one a day tablet" or anything like that, you will likely see biotin included in your daily intake but I just wanted to try biotin by itself as I try to track any changes that I may notice. Biotin is a part of the vitamin b complex and it is used to help break down fatty acids in the body. As the bottle says it is also supposed to support healthy skin, hair and nails. I don't think I will have the biotin related breakouts on my face that some women have reported because I am taking a low dosage as opposed to those who pop biotin pills like they are candy. If I do have any problems, I will not take any more. Have you noticed positive results from using biotin?
Beauty Rant- I have so many products that I have yet to review with you and I have purchased so many things that I am forgetting about things I should have written about long ago. For example I have not finished the ELF haul, ok how long ago did I start that one? lol
I also have the Redken Real control treatment to review and many other things. I may start telling you in advance which reviews are coming up to keep me focused and to force me to actually write it instead of pushing other reviews in first. I think I am going to put myself on product probation like B and Amina until I get through these reviews....ok maybe not a strict probabtion but we will see. lol
And I will update my blogroll this weekend I have not forgotten about you!
Have a great weekend everyone.


The Frugalista Files said...

Aw, product probation. Bless your heart. As for the MAC lip gloss, you can use those colors to highlight your lipstick. Like if you have a nice berry color or brown color, dab some of the lip gloss in the middle of your lip. Yummy.

antithesis said...

i was thinking about purchasing biotin separately. the supposedly multi i take now only has a 10% DV of biotin. i need more than that for my weak nails.

get them posts out, girl! you can write several at a time and just schedule them to actually post for different days (i find myself doing that alot since ive been working)

Amina said...

I've never tried these two shades. They will look great with vino..

B said...

Girl, that chestnut pencil is the truth! I've had the same one for a year and love it.

And let me know how biotin works for it.

Probation is a great move. Amina and I both think it is working great. I really have toooo many make-up products and actually don't desire anything else so that makes it easier. Good luck!!

justme said...

chestnut makes every color look alright.

can you tell us why the biotin would be better than taking a more well rounded multivitamin

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Frugalista I am weak when it comes to product so we will see how it goes. lol Great advice on the lip gloss. thanks
@Antithesis Yes I will see how it works for my nails also. Thanks for the reminder about scheduling a post. I think I only used that featuer twice but I need to use it more often.
@Amina I will work with the vino color, maybe I will get a similar color thoguh cover girl..thanks
@B yes I really like chestnut and i will certainly do a biotin update. i have too many products also...I just must stop making purchased but some items just look so cute on the store shelves so I have to get to try it out...oh poor me.
@Just me that has been my experience with chestnut also. I don't think that biotin is better than a well rounded pill but generally when you look at a multivitamin the biotin percentage is usually low so i wanted to up my biotin intake to really document how it works. I want to see what changes I will see in my skin, hair and nails by taking more biotin. It is almost like a biotin challenge. Also I can be really bad when it comes to taking my multi vitamin but I want to see what biotin alone can do for the three areas that I mentioned. Which multivitamin do tou take? I need to get back to seriously taking a multi vitamin.
thanks for reading ladies