Friday, August 8, 2008

Making good decisions

Here is another edition of "battle it out" where I make products go head to head for my money. I wanted to see which products would make my hair really soft and silky so I used two products on my hair at the same time. I know that is probably a prescription for destroying my hair but hey no bad results so far and this is not something that I do often.
I separated my hair into sections and used the following products 1)Redken Extreme Rescue Force and 2)Mizani MoisturFuse which is a moisturizing conditioner.
Redken Extreme Rescue Force is a "fortifying treatment for distressed hair". I hate when I barely understand the ingredients list, that can't be good right? I do however recognize three different types of parabens, which is bad news in my book. The treatment is supposed to protect your hair, reinforce cuticles, repair any damage, while making it more manageable and shiny.
You may remember an old post where I went on a mini vacay and stumbled upon some great sales and got some products for free, well this is one of those product. (the price tag on the product says $14.95 which is probably a discounted price because this purchase was made at JC Penny.) The Mizani MoisturFuse, also from JC Penny, is priced at $11.96 and promises to "revitalize" and moisturize dry hair. It is supposed to improve in the area of softness, prevent breakage and protect against split ends. This product weighed in with one paraben. Both the Redken and Mizaniz products include wheat protein.
It may not seem fair to compare a treatment with a conditioner but they all claim to rejuvenate and strengthen dry hair so I wanted to put them all to the test.
Results-- First place prize must go to Redken. The Mizani product was a mess, my hair felt tough and brittle, it is not easy to have hair that feels brittle when you are still in the shower but Mizani managed to do the trick. My Mizani experience was so bad that I had to rewash that section just to make my hair more manageable.
I would repurchase the Redken product if it were not for the parabens, I just won't do it to myself.
(I do have one more Mizani product at home that I have never tried but I will give it a shot soon.)
I know there are some Mizani lovers out there so please share what you love from the company.
Which products had to battle it out for your money? Which product won?


antithesis said...

i have never had a showdown of products. that might actually be fun to try. i dont know for sure because when i part my hair down the middle, one side is a little thicker and coarser than the other. i have no idea why and it's kind of annoying. anyway, great post. i will steer clear of that mizani.

MakeupByRenRen said...

hmmmmm ive seen mizani and thought bout getting it but i didnt know it did all that...good thing u posted this!

dmicole said...

I am natural and recently went back to using Mizani shampoo and conditioner. My hair seems to LOVE it and I don't know why. I have been using botanifying shampoo and Fulfyl conditioner.
I have also used the scalp care shampoo and conditioner and they don't dry your hair out like most dandruff shampoo/conditioner combos.

B said...

Hmmm, I've never tried Redken but used Mizani products when I used to relax my hair. I don't remember how they were then but I know to stay away from them now. Have a great weekend, sis!

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Antithesis Yes it is common for people to have different textures of hair. I have have a cousin who uses mizani and her hair looks great, just didn't work for me.
@RenRen if you try it for yourself please let me know what you think.
@dmicole I am glad that Mizani is working for you :-)
@B lol you too.
Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading.

PBW said...

I almost bought the Mizani Moistufuse the other day, but got distracted by nail polish. So glad I didn't now that I read your review.

I'm also a huge fan of the Redken Extreme line.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i've been digging redken for a while now. i would agree...and i haven't even compared-LOL!

Product Junkie Diva said...

@PBW I have not used anything else from the extreme line but i do have another product from that line that I have yet to use so i hope it is good also. thanks
@PCD lol I see you are team redken!