Monday, August 25, 2008

Repair your hair

Cantu Shea Butter leave in Conditioning repair cream is a custard- like product that is supposed to stop split ends, reduce breakage, as well as moisturize and protect your hair. You are even advised to put the product on your hair 3 days prior to getting a relaxer because it is supposed to protect your hair from any damaged potentially caused by the chemical process.
After applying the cream to my hair one thing that I appreciated was that it is a light product and a little goes a long way. Once I did put it on my hair 3 days before my relaxer and I didn’t notice any breakage but I usually don't have that problem anyway so I don't think I can fully attribute that result to the shea butter. For roughly $5.00 at your local beauty supply store this isn't a bad deal since it is paraben free and the main ingredients include shea butter and soybean oil. It also promises shine but i feel that the shine does a disappearing act after a few hours.
Have you tried anything from the Cantu line? How do you repair your hair when it gets damaged? Do you simply cut it off or attempt to treat it?
Update- I started my probation Aug. 3rd and this is my final week. What I failed to mention is that during this time I also curtailed my eating habits which means I wasn't spending money on products or food...can you say stuffed This process really gave me an opportunity to see where I spend most of my money so that was great. Oh any I've lost weight for sure..yay.


Therapeutic Musings said...

I use this leave in and I use the Cantu daily lotion, and the scalp oil. This line has helped my hair so much! It is really good at keeping my hair moisturized and it doesn't break out my face!

Just_Wondering said...

I absolutely love this product!! I love how it doesn't weigh down my hair and I feel that towards the end of my perm I use it to smooth my hair when putting it into a ponytail. It smells great and I honestly think it helps my hair from getting damaged! Love this product!

Park Avenue said...

I bought this product a couple of months ago & I love the way it smells! I also love that it's light & fluffy. PJD you're so right about the shine not lasting long.

I kind of keep away from anything "leave in," because my scalp has a tendency to be very dry, but the Cantu line is is one that I enjoy.

MakeupByRenRen said...

this looks like a good one for cheap...and good job on the probation!

PBW said...

I've been eyeing their products, but haven't tried any.

I will now! Thanks for the review!

yummy411 said...

omg i was thinking about joining the beauty probation group. i thought about connecting my makeup to weight loss, but retracted that thought stat! i'd surely die LOL! great for you... great discipline!

antithesis said...

im glad u did this post because split ends are running rampant on my head and ive been curious about a reconstructor. i havent tried any cantu products but i've seen them all over some drug and beauty supply stores.

Jewells said...

I go back and forth on this product. Like you stated, the shine loses it's way throughout the day. It made my natural hair feel soft during application, but several hours later, my twists felt dry and crunchy.

I have purchased it twice. Once I added a little castor oil. Don't think I will buy again. Then again, who knows...LOL.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I've heard about Cantu, but have never tried it. Good post!

Product Junkie Diva said...

@TM I have heard of some people having reactions to hair products so I am glad this one didn't break you out.
@JWondering it is good for smoothing down hair.
@Park Ave. hey how are ya? glad you like this line.
@Renren a good price always helps :-)
@PBW glad I could help
@yummy thanks...the weight loss is what I am most happy about...I just need to keep going.
@Antithesis i just hate split ends, but I have other products coming up that may be helpful..
@Jewells crunchy hair...oh thats not cool,but since you are on the fence about buying it again I think you are a product junkie
@BGG thanks

The Frugalista Files said...

Numbers, numbers, please tell numbers after you get off probation.

The Frugalista Files said...

Numbers, numbers, please tell numbers after you get off probation.

brownee said...

I use Cantu's daily moisturizer when I flat iron my hair. It works wonders on those ends. Nice heat protectant and give great sheen without weighing it down.

Diva congrats on all the bonuses ur reaping from ur probation. It's making me re-think some of my spending habits for sure!

flygyrl72 said...

I have a big natural. 4b, I think. I bought this product a few months ago, and I found it entirely too slippery/heavy for use on my wet hair.

I do use it on my dry hair though, to soften it up when I wear it loose & first let my twists down. I like their other cremes too. Overall, the line is good. This is alright too, I just don't use it when my hair is wet.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Frugalista I will provide everyone with numbers Monday should be the day.
@Brownee thanks for the support.
@Flygyrl yup some products can only be used on my hair at certain times too so I totally understand.
thanks for reading everyone

jasmine said...

it was too heavy for my taste, like that miss jessies buttercreams. it was cool though

Product Junkie Diva said...

@ Jasmine thanks for posting your thoughts. How does that Miss Jessie's pudding smell?