Friday, August 29, 2008

Real Control

As you may know I have already reviewed some products from the Redken line that I like even though I may not be thrilled with the ingredients. Tracyee from Kiss tried some products from the Real Control line (however she didn't test the product that is the subject of this post)by Redken, which promises to moisturize your hair, repair damage and quench the thirst of dry strands. Tracyee was disappointed with the results and had to wash her hair again to restore her hair to its normal luster. I have never used any shampoo or conditioner from the Redken line because I have always thought that the ingredients would make my hair shrivel up and die, but I have used treatments from Redken. So I have been using, (on and off) the $14.99 Real Control mask which is supposed to sit on your hair after you shampoo for 5-15 minutes. Instead of using it after I shampoo, I have been using this product as a part of my pre poo process and I must say I was concerned initially because the protein in it made my hair a little stiff while it was on my hair but once it was washed out it was silky soft. I have since found better conditioners, masks and treatments without parabens (this product as 1) so I don't think I will spend the $14.99 again.
Now you have two posts today, one for yesterday and another for today :-)
Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Right now I'm using a product that has not so good ingredients, but makes my hair look great. I'm torn.

Do you keep using something that's full of iffy chemicals, alcohol, mineral and parabens? Or pass on it - even though it works good.

Not sure????

Traycee said...

Hey PJD...I tried everything in the line but the mask....Hahaha...I'm scared to try that now

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Miablake if it works for you and your hair is thriving you may want to continue using your products. I have made a personal choice to stay as far away from parabens as possible, although I still get caught out there from time to time with a paraben loaded product, in which case I usually finish it off but I don't buy it again because I have seen too many good products with good ingredients that work just as well or better than products with not so good ingredients.
@Tracyee thanks for your comment, I edited the post to correct my statement. That line may not be a good fit for you, your hair is so lovely that I would hate to see you try this one and possibly get bad results.
have a great weekend everyone