Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Please help me

The four eye shadows pictured above are the only eye shadows that I own. I am going to a special event in a few weeks and I think I want to wear eye shadow. Here are the colors shown from left to right (M.A.C - "magnetic fields", Illusions-"dolce vita " Illusions-"delight " M.A.C- "quite natural")
My gown is almost the color of the third one from the left (Illusions-"delight ").
Here are a few of the looks that I created but I would love to hear from you which colors should go where on my lids.
In the next photo I am wearing both of the Illusions eye shadows, the lighter color is on the bottom portion of my lid and the darker color is everywhere else.

Here I am wearing M.A.C magnetic fields and Illusions Cosmetics in dolce vita.

Also I think I will go with dramatic lashes on the big day. On the left eye I am wearing Revlon lash fanstasy (left) which I posted on previously and on the right I am wearing Covergirl Lash Exact (I will review that at the end of this post).

The Covergirl Lash Exact is one of those mascaras that promise longer lashes with no clumping. Yes, it has a smooth application and it will lengthen your lashes without clumping but you will not get any extreme length. As you can see from my eye on the right you really can't see my lashes too well. This mascara is decent because I like that you don't get clumping; however, when it comes to delivering length, this mascara is just average. Priced at $5.99 (or less) you can find this product at your local drugstore.


The Frugalista Files said...

I like the Revlon mascara and the eye make up in the first picture. Have you ever used charcoal by M.A.C.? You could dust some of that around the outer edge of your lids for more drama.

Calming Corners said...

I love the photo with illusions cosmetics.

Kamika said...

For a simple smoky eye try putting this:

Matte eye: Quite Natural in the crease, Dolce Vita on the lid, and Delight under the brow bone.

Shiny eye: Magnetic Field in the crease, Dolce Vita on the lid, and Delight under the brow bone.

You could even go back and lightly dust the interior of your eyes on the top and bottom with the Delight. Don't forget your eyeliner and smudger before your mascara. It will really make your eyes pop.

B said...

Awww, your eyeshadow collection looks just like mine a year ago. A year later and I copped 70+. Yikes! The look that you created is beauuuutiful. I'm lovin' it.Frugalista is right. MAC's Charcoal or Carbon would be hoooot. If you want to be a little more dramatic, add some black liner on the waterline. HOT!

yummy411 said...

hey lady! i like the revlon fantasy mascara.. short or long.. i loovvee thick lashes! although i will forever love lashexact for being a smooth formula and showing me the meaning of mascaras for definition and length. it's a great mascara to use in combination with other thickening formulas.

did you put on the quite natural paint pot first as a base? i would do that (if you haven't already) b and kamika gave great suggestions, esp the liner would amp your look and give lashes even more drama! (aww you are cropping your eyes.. it's only a matter of time before we get full face photos hhahaaha ;))

Park Avenue said...

I really like the eyeshadow look in the first picture. The shimmer with the color is very glamorous.

Jewells said...

I wasn't a big fan of Covergirl Lash Exact.

As far as the eyeshadows, whichever one you have on with the Revlon mascara pic is a good look.

Your eyes have a nice shape.

MakeupByRenRen said...

yay a makeup post! he he...i think it would look hot if you took any of the eyeshadows and then added any black eyeshadow to the outer half of the lid and under the lashes for a smokey it off with some black liner and you're good to go!

Dominican Enigma said...

I need to get that revlon mascara. I like eyeshadows too, but I don't wear them often enough. Also, you need to show your face-even if it's for a day. I did it on my bday!

Erica said...

Definitely the Illusions. I love that combo

antithesis said...

i love the first photo!

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Everyone thanks so much for all of the tips and advice. I will continue to play with more looks. Since I am on product probation and I dont already own MACs carbon I will have to wait until after August to check it out.
@Frugalista no i have never used carbon.
@kamika I greatly appreciate your detailed help...sounds awesome.
@B 70 eye girl I am just picking my chin up off the floor. I will probably take a look at carbon to see what it looks like but I don't see my collection growing too much because I seriously never wear eye I will certainly wear eyeliner (black) on the big day I will use MACs engraved which i already own.
@Yummy yup cropping the eyes alright, baby steps maybe??? lol No i didnt use quite natural at all. I will try it as a base thanks.
@calming corners thanks for casting your vote.
@Jewells thanks and welcome back. I have on MAC magnetic fields and a little of the illusions in the picture you are talking about.
@Park Ave. glad to see you around the blog world...thanks for helping me out.
@Ren thanks I will try the smokey look, I did try it once in the comfort of my bathroom and i totally looked like I had come from a boxing
@DE hummm we will
@Antithesis & Erica it looks like Illusions is the winner. I will still play with more looks.
thank you all I really appreciate it.

justme said...

i like the first pic, it is the clearest though so i cant tell on the others

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love the first photo. Btw, I've never tried any of Revlon's mascaras, but they're eyeliners are the BEST!

PBW said...

I'm with Calming Corners. I also like the illusions cosmetics look.

Amina said...

illusions combo is gorgeous!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks ladies I think illusions has won by a landslide.