Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Company & Product Reviews

Before getting to the product review I have my first business reivew!
My sister needed a present for a bride to be for her wedding shower and she decided to purchase a basket from Caraballobaskets.com and here is the too cute result. My sister as very happy with the fast quality service and the deisgn of the basket. I saw the basket first hand and here is the pic:

The "basket was actually a hat box which was a unique idea. The basket was filled with 2 bottles of liquor (sorry I don't remember exactly which kind ) candy,candles, body products etc. I thought it was a really nice basket and it't always a neat item to present as a gift!
Now on to the product review.....
I said that I would not get anything from the MAC Hello Kitty line, but that all seemed to go out the window as I stood at my local MAC counter.
I ended up picking up the only think that moved me to have the slightest interest in the collection, the lip stick in Fresh Brew. Fresh Brew is a nudish/ tanish colored lusterglass and it makes me look like I'm foaming at the mouth. Think I'm kidding, take a look...lol
I not couple this $14.50 lip product ith the lip liner in "chestnut" to get a more subdued barely there look.

Can you make out the carved image of Hello Kitty on the side of the lipstick????? (the pic on the left)

I like the product packaging too. If you are looking for a light lip color, then this may be the pick for you.

How do you make light colored lip product work for you?

DId anyone catch the Game marathon yesterday? I sure did.....
What did you do on your day off yesterday?


Amina said...

Omg! I had no idea you own your own business!!Congratulations!!
Fresh brew looks gorgeous on you

B said...

I love a nude lippie with with a smokey eye. Perfect!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hi AMina
No it's not my business at all, I was just reviewing it because the owner did a great job and the service was wonderful!
One day coming soon I will have my own something or other..lol
B that sounds hot!!!!

PBW said...

I tried Fresh Brew a while back and it had the same effect. Very chalky.

The Frugalista Files said...

I like the Hello Kitty tube packaging.

antithesis said...

i bought fresh brewed, too!!!!! i love it. i like layering my lipglasses like 'love nectar' and 'viva glam vi' over them. i have pics from the hello kitty event i went to. camille from ANTM was outside the store while i was getting my make-up done. i wish she had come in so i could snap a photo...

MakeupByRenRen said...

when i use fresh brew i just pat it on my lips so it's not as intense...gloss on top helps a lil too...i think you'd really like siss lipstick, it's a nude but has more color

Product Junkie Diva said...

PBW that's the word chalky...thanks lol
Frugalista I like that packaging too.
Antithesis I have to try it with lipglass thanks
Ren thanks for the expert tip. :-)